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3/20/19, 12:00 AM

We’ve all asked the never-ending question of “What should I get her?” It seems that even after years of knowing and living with someone, we still find it hard to find the perfect gift for them. As birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day approach, the chaos of “I need to find her a gift” fills the air… and it got us thinking, what gifts do women actually prefer?

So, we conducted a survey asking women across Egypt about the type of gifts they like to receive and their gift giving habits. We wanted to share with you the results so we can make things a little easier for you this Mother’s Day season.

Personal or household related gifts?

The battle between whether you should buy her something personal or household related may come to an end today. We found that around 93% of women prefer receiving personal gifts. So, maybe you could skip the vacuum cleaner and go for something a little more sentimental.

Buying beauty care gifts

When asked about their preference for buying their mothers or mothers-in-law beauty care products, 50% said they would go for hair removal devices. In second place, at 33%, came skincare products, followed by 17%. Those results are actually a perfect example to show that you can go for a gift that has all 3 in 1, like the Braun’s Face Spa. It comes with a cleaning brush that deeply cleanses the pores for exfoliation and gives the skin a nice glow. It also includes a face epilator which is a perfect Mother's Day gift because it can help her beauty routine by skipping time consuming steps, like tweezing and waxing.

A mother’s gift should…

‘Pamper your mother’ came on top with a whopping 50%, showing us that the chief purpose of gift giving should be to pamper your mother. 32% chose ‘make her life easier’ and ‘give her some me-time’ came in third at 19%. So, it’s obvious that our mothers are in deep need of some pampering and refreshment. That’s something to think about when looking for a gift. We’ve seen a lot of girls this year gift their moms a day at the spa/salon or a gift card for a massage or facial. Mothers would love it if you would bring her a spa treatment at home, like buying her essential oils, aromatherapy products, bath bombs, or give her a salon-like hair removal session by getting her the Braun’s Silk-epil 9. She doesn't have to worry about perfection because whether she is exfoliating, shaving, massaging, or epilating, the pivoting head adapts to the contours of the body, which is why it's comfortable and efficient, even in the areas we struggle with at home such as the knee and ankles.

Your gift giving style...

Here the top 2 results were 'The researcher' and 'Last Minute'...two complete opposites.  This shows that people either spend a lot of time preparing and planning out every detail, or they keep postponing everything until it's too late. We recommend finding a balance by not rushing and looking for something you know she needs, but also finding a gift you don't need to plan ahead for. You can look for what will benefit her the most out of Braun's range of products, like the Silk-epil 9, Braun Face Spa or the Silk-expert 5.

Who is the hardest to buy a gift for?

Mothers were voted the hardest to gift by 33% out of 8 other choices! It's Mother’s Day season and through looking at the results, we noticed mothers tend to want something personal, time saving, related to skincare or pampering. So, this is a good way to start checking things off your list. The next step, is to actually try approaching her or listening to her daily complaints and struggles. This way you can find her something that would help her resolve those issues. This would also make it a personal gift because it shows you listen to her, care about her happiness and think of how to make life easier for her.

Your “go-to” type of gift?

It was a close tie between body care and skincare. It seems that people find it easier to go for one of these options when buying a gift for someone, because you don’t need to check if it fits or suits them, they’re universally loved and practical gifts that most women depend on daily. So, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy a traditional gift like this, just try to find something new, innovative or that speaks to her personality.

Mothers find more convenient…

Mothers find time-saving gifts the most convenient, right after personal gifts. Which got us thinking, why does it always have to be one or the other. There is a closed bubble around personal gifts, where a lot of people assume it means they shouldn’t be practical. However, finding something that your mom needs, while still showing her how much you know and understand her through your gift is in fact very personal. Your mom probably has a hard time balancing her everyday responsibilities with finding time for personal self-care. You can buy her something fast and convenient like the Braun Silk-epil 9 Epilator, which is a quick, efficient way to help her with her daily skin care routine and hair removal. Women are always on the hunt for a product to regularly remove dead skin cells and minimize ingrown hairs. A gift like this will show her you understand her as a women and want to make her life easier with a product that will easily help her get silky smooth skin with exfoliation 6 times better than a manual scrub.

Hair removal products as a gift...

Finally, we were interested to see what people would actually consider buying as gifts for women for any special occasion. An IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal device got the most votes out of other hair removal products like a shaver, epilator, face epilator/massager. This choice was something most of us agreed on, because permanent hair removal is a brilliant way to save time and effort for the long-run. The Braun Silk-expert 5 IPL is a hair removal device that works by reading your skin tone and adapting light intensity to permanently reduce hair growth. What's great about it is its size because it treats large body parts in a shorter period while still being effective. It also has a ‘gentle mode’ so it's suitable for sensitive areas and sensitive skin, so it's a great gift for a lot of women.

Finding out about a woman’s gift preferences is not an easy task, which is why we went to the experts themselves...Women. The results showed they appreciate being pampered and prefer gifts that are more personal. They want gifts that make their lives easier. Conveniently, Braun is all about making women's life easier and efficient while keeping them pampered and fresh. If you're looking for a gift, you can find Braun’s selection of products on BraunxSouq.


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