Mother’s day is a very special event and it means a lot to mothers even though they may say otherwise. You want to make sure to do everything right and make her feel special. In order to do that, you might want to skip on every year traditional stuff and go with a non-traditional gift. Here are 26 out of the box ideas to treat your mama!

1. Cook her a meal. Surprise her with a delicious mouthwatering home-cooked meal that will melt her heart!

2. Write a song for her. Whether you are a songwriter or not with the right lyrics and a bit of melody this could be the perfect gift.

3. Write her a short story. Bring out your inner Jane Austin and send her a big love message that she will get right away.

4. Take her on a trip to someplace exotic where you will have lots of fun and probably remember for the rest of your lives.

5. Indulging her with a trip to the spa. Moms work so hard and they deserve to be pampered on their special day!

6. Get her a pet, dog, cat or a little fish;  or any cute animal that will steal her heart right away.

7. Do her a homemade facial, and tell her how young and fresh she looks at the end of the session.

8. Concert!  Because there is nothing like singing along to your favorite singer.

9. A fancy dinner is great to say thank you and let's catch up. She might say no in the beginning but she’ll go… because moms like fancy.

10. Volunteering together in a place that helps others in need will fill you up with positive energy and might end up changing both your lives.

11. If she needs to relax and unplug, take her star gazing. We don’t get to see stars in the city, so taking her on a trip where she can see the beautiful Milky Way is such a relaxing experience.

12. Discover a new planet and name it after her, I know what you're thinking but if you become an astrophysicist this is something you can easily do.

13. Climb a mountain that no one climbed before, and name it after her. It's really achievable but you just need to get really fit.

14. If she is a football fan, take her to watch her favorite football team's next match, she will adore it.

15. Take her to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show... or really just any fashion show.

16. Win an Oscar and thank her in the speech. It might take some time -years maybe- but it's the perfect way to making her a proud mama!

17. A YouTube video together is a very cool idea and will let the world know how much you love her.

18. For the camera loving mamas, make a music video about your life together... a cool one though.

19. Write her a poem. Let the love flow into sentimental words and I guarantee she’ll be thrilled with you.

20. Coming up with a new recipe and name it after her. Our middle eastern cuisine is filled with recipes named after women and your mom is no less important.

21. Get her an autograph by her favorite Hollywood star! All you need to do is find them and get through all the bodyguards. Easy peasy, right?

22.  Yoga class in India is always a great escape! but if you will end up spending your savings, your hometown is also fine.

23. Draw a portrait of her, but if you’re drawing isn’t that good, pick anything else from the list or hire an artist and don’t take the risk.

24. You can name a visible star after your mom through registered star naming websites and it won't cost you that much.

25. Going to the amusement park and feeling the adrenaline rush together while riding your favorite roller coaster is priceless!

26. And finally, tell her that you quit eating instant noodles... even though it's only on mother's day!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @JessicaKahawaty