Recently, a lot of crazy energy has been floating around, and we rarely get the chance to relieve ourselves from our daily stresses. We usually believe that travelling is the only way to escape day-to-day stresses. It’s true that travelling is a good way, but who told you that you can’t have another way out? We've Brought you 10 of the best calming songs/music to make you feel isolated and run away from the chaos of your daily routine. No matter what language you speak or what taste in music you have, you'll definitely find what calms you down in one of the following tracks:

1. Dalida I found my love in Portofino

You listen to it and in no time, feel like you're in Italy with the amazing mountain and sea view! Close your eyes and put your headphones on and chill!

2. Fairuz  Sabah w Masa (Day & Night)

Fairuz's voice needs no description, it sounds like a whole unique orchestra by itself. However, it's even more magical when you listen to Fairuz's voice accompanied by piano and trumpet! You don't need to be a native Arabic speaker to feel calmed down; you just feel the charm of the melody. Sabah w Masa is highly recommended on a relaxing night or as a background while you have your coffee in one hand and favorite book in the other!

3. Louis Armstrong La Vie en Rose

Who doesn't love Louis Armstrong's amazing voice, and wouldn't fall in love with how calm and dreamy this song makes us feel?

4. Sarah Vaughan – Pennies from Heaven

It's not just 'Jazz'. It's classic Jazz by Sarah Vaughan. Perfect for a cozy dinner evening at home, whether it's romantic or with family and friends. This song is a 'never-get-bored-of' type of song that could constantly keep replaying around you adding a bit of tenderness to your atmosphere each time you listen to it.

5. Frank Sinatra – Always

Could he not be in this list?! It was a hard decision to pick only one calming song for Frank Sinatra, but if I would recommend one for you, it's this song. It needs no description, it just needs to be listened to! Enjoy!

6. Amr Diab  Khaleek Fakerni

This song doesn't only take you to another place, but it also takes you to the 90's and an ambiance of nostalgia fills you once the music starts. And Amr Diab? No need to tell you what his voice does to our hearts; listen and feel it yourself!

7. Dmitri Shostakovich – The Second Waltz 

This piece is for you if you prefer to admire the beauty of music without lyrics being sang along. Shostakovich's outstanding melodies speak for themselves. You enjoy the music swinging among different instruments and playful yet calm rhythms.

8. Johann Strauss II – Blue Danube Waltz

If you enjoyed the previous piece, you'd probably love this one, too!

9. Soha – Mil Pasos (Thousand Steps)

Having been of Algerian origins and French background didn't hold her back from singing in Spanish too! Enjoy this Spanish-French piece of art!

10. Josh Groban  You Raise Me Up

What's unique about this song -other than the music itself- is that it doesn't only make you feel calm but it also lifts your spirit! Listen and feel the beauty of the lyrics that perfectly match the lyrics.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @yulia_martynyuk