"Travel, let loose and don't wait for anyone." Although this sentence is very positive and motivational, the moment I decided to take this step, my mind was bombarded with worries and the questions: Is that place safe? Am I going to be faced with robbery? Am I going to enjoy being all alone for a couple of days?

To find the answer, I decided to do some research on the most enjoyable and safest places to travel alone for a woman.

Casablanca, Morocco


Image Credits: Instagram @maroc.go

This is among the safest places in the Middle East, especially when it comes to sexual harassment. You can even camp in the dessert completely alone. This is what a lot of female travelers from all over the world shared on the Female Solo Travel page. They tell stories about how locals are very helpful despite the language barrier. The country is great for architectural exploration and learning about their rich culture and history.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Image Credits: Instagram @wonderlust.copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it is the largest city with the most diverse nationalities of almost a million. It is crammed with beautiful architecture and its famous shopping markets are very safe for women. If you ever visit, you must see the famous Goddess Gefjun fountain, especially at night when it lights up.

Ottawa, Canada


Image Credits: Instagram @shelbyy_v

This is the capital of Canada and it has a diverse culture with a lot of nationalities and a mix of the English and French language. Don't miss out on the ByWard market, which has more than 50,000 visitors by the end of every week. This market has all kinds of stores from handmade products to famous restaurants.

Auckland, New Zealand


Image Credits: Instagram @vagariesoftravel

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand with a diverse population of around 1,400,000. It is known for its incredible landscapes that offer the opportunity to delve into a lot of activities from diving to hiking.

Helsinki, Finland


Image Credits: Instagram @finland

This is the capital and the biggest city in the country. Despite it not being very famous, it is populated with a different nationalities and has around 1,300,000 residents. It is among the safest countries you can visit and is very far away from any forms of oppression. You eyes will be pleased with beautiful views from different types of interesting architecture to art galleries and even markets that are hard to get bored of.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lisahomsy