The second you take a look at their pictures you are filled with a warm, cozy feeling of inspiration and love. Marie and Jake's popular Instagram page is many's favorite for their beautiful take on traveling and the romantic aspects of exploring the world with your partner. They travel aspiring to see every place possible and sharing the beautiful imagery they capture. They come from different edges of the world, Germany and Australia. They fell in love and with a shared passion for travel decided to take on social media as a platform for their hobby turned job. We talked to both of them for a deeper and personal say on their travels.


Your love story is really romantic, but what I want to know, is who brought the love of travel to the relationship first, Marie or Jake?

Thank you, our love story is a bit crazy but that's how love is. We both loved traveling but it was Jake who allowed me to travel without any fears. He showed me that the world isn’t a scary place and that following your heart, experiencing new places and meeting inspiring people was more important than worrying about a career.
How many countries around the world have you visited?
We have been to 27 countries in the 26 months we have been together. We hope each year to beat the number of months with more country visits.

Did you visit any Arab countries?
We were in Kuwait for 1 night on a layover. It was a really cool experience, there was a sand storm and we took some really nice pictures.
How do you pick the next travel destination?
We usually think about the places we can shoot. We always go to countries that have fascinating landscapes like beautiful coastlines, mountains and desserts. We would also like to go to countries where we can experience new cultures and new cuisines. We love everything new, so we always like to go to places we haven’t been before.
Visiting a country you've never been before may be frightening for some people, how do you deal with that?
One of the main lessons we learnt from traveling is that people are good. In every country we go to, there are kind, caring and generous people. The news and the media will try to convince us that the world is a dangerous place with lots of horrible people, but from our experience 99.9% of people no matter where we go, are good people.
I think love is inspiring both of you to travel together, but what I really want to know from your own experience, is the difference between traveling alone and with someone you love?
I (Jake) have done a lot of traveling alone and it was a great period in my life that I really needed in order to learn a lot of life’s important lessons. Traveling alone is a great way to force yourself to learn and to grow into a wiser version of yourself. You meet people from all different walks of life and you learn to accept their differences. Traveling alone opens your mind and makes you question what's important in life.

Traveling with the love of your life is completely different, we love that everyday we are creating new memories together that we will be able to share and reminisce about for the rest of our lives. Being together also helps us focus on our work and our content because we don’t feel like we are alone and needing to meet a lot of people.

Did traveling change your personality? If so, how?
Yes! It made us stronger. We learnt to deal with problems and the stress that you never have to go through when you live life in your comfort zone. Travel made us more open minded, we became more compassionate for other people and the world we live in. We honestly believe that through travel we became better versions of ourselves in every way.
What's your future traveling plans?
We are going to be traveling to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and maybe Oman up until December. Then we will move back to our apartment in Malaysia and plan our next big trip.
A message you would give to encourage other people to travel more...
The saying “travel is the only thing that makes you richer” is one of our favorites. We believe it refers to the wealth of experience and knowledge you gain from traveling the world and from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. When you get home from a trip worth thousands of dollars, you haven't just paid for a bunch of memories, you've paid for an improved version of yourself that's grown in so many different ways. Traveling the world is one of the most enriching things any human can do and one of those things you will never regret. The only thing you will regret is not traveling more.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @mariefeandjakesnow