Have you ever wondered how all those Instagrammers keep up with this luxury travel craze? Especially the expenses? Well don't fall for that! I've gathered some ‘tried and tested’ tips and tricks to guarantee you'll have a fancier trip with a pocket friendly budget.


Mostly this is the part that eats your budget, depending on your destination of course, so here are some tips to always get the best prices while staying comfortable:

1. Always subscribe to famous airlines’ newsletters and make sure to subscribe to their skyward/miles program as they always have special discounts and offers for upgrades to their subscribers.

2. Rumors say that the cheapest booking ticket prices on websites start from every Monday night to Tuesday as this is the timing when they apply their offers.

3. Avoid traveling on weekends, Monday to Tuesday are normally the cheapest. Also night flights are usually cheaper.

For more options on finding cheap flights head over to The Broke Backpacker for useful tips.

In flight and airports:

Complimentary services are your bff! Mostly, these services are not communicated to travelers, so what I always do before traveling is check the website for the airline I'm travelling with and airports I'm heading to. Search for their services, ex: Dubai airports have complimentary showers, never heard of it, right? Also not all paid services are expensive, for example: fast track vouchers at Roma airport are for 8 euros.

Also, airports and airlines often have partnerships with telecom companies, banks and other companies with points/reward system. Always ask them and search for the benefits as some give you access to airport lounges so you can wait for your boarding like a VIP! Always ask, as you might be eligible for such services while you didn't know.

There’s also a trick to upgrade your plane seat for free to business or first class if the plane is fully or overbooked. Make sure you ask at every checkpoint if the plane is overbooked. Some people never show up and you can end up taking a first class seat just because you asked at the right time.


Heard of Airbnb? This accommodation website is taking the world by storm, it gives you a chance to book a local house for a very reasonable price, plus if you were travelling with a group of friends getting a fancy villa is totally worth it! You would divide the money and end up paying reasonable amounts each for a luxury stay. Don't forget to check the fun activities they offer, and some are very affordable.

Do your research:

The first thing I normally do the minute I land is buy a local SIM card with a decent data bundle (trip with no Instagram stories, hell no!) as google recommendations are very important to avoid disappointments. Also use google maps to help you move around freely.

One of the biggest mistakes a traveller can make is to rush into plans and be spontaneous. It might be tempting, and sometimes taking your time can be a hassle, but take a moment to read some inspiring and helpful blogs, talk with other travellers, and always read reviews. Don’t forget to search for bloggers' secret spots as these spots are the perfect spots to dazzle your Instagram followers with pictures from.

For your transportation, touristic attractions, spa days, and any activity tickets; avoid the annoying queues and get better prices by always booking all your tickets online in advance.

Food and restaurants:

Dine like a rock star? Explore the highest standards of local cuisine in a Michelin star approved restaurant, don't worry you won't go back home broke. Michelin star have an online guide where you can enjoy good food for pocket friendly prices, as some range between 10-25 Euros per person. Not bad for a Michelin approved restaurant! Just go to their website viamichelin.com and choose your location from the map, you might find some very interesting options in their list.

And finally, follow TripAdvisor because the reviews are true. You can find all the options you want depending on your budget and you’d be surprised by how good the food can be on a tight budget.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @amelialiana