The DIY curtain lights could be the coolest thing to beautify your home for two different purposes. First of all you, could use the DIY curtain lights to decorate your room, and give it that cozy feeling with the indirect lighting. Also you could use the curtain lights as a backdrop for taking pictures if you are throwing a party or having your friends over

What you'll need:

- Curtain pole

- Sheer curtains

- LED string lights

- Hooks


1. If you already have a curtain pole ready on the wall, then you are good to go on to the third step. However if you don’t, pick a spot on your wall next to a socket. Use a ruler to mark two spots for the screws a bit away from each other. 

2. Use a drill to mark two holes in the wall, to insert the hook, then place the curtain pole on the hooks. 

3. Now it is time to hang up the lights. Make sure the LED string lights are long enough to be wrapped around the curtain pole. 

4. After your wrap the LED separate string lights, tie them to the curtain pole so they can dangle to the floor.

5. Once you secure the string lights, it is time to hang up the sheer curtain on the curtain pole. The curtains will be placed in front of the lights, just make sure to arrange the curtain nicely. 

Voila, you just made your very own backdrop curtain lights!