If someone tells you they never come across negative thoughts or depressing ideas, they're probably lying to you! We all -no exceptions- encounter this. It's not shameful that our minds might sometimes get these random ideas, however, what is really shameful is to surrender to all what might fill our souls with negative energy.

The first step to get rid of any negativity is to know where it comes from, identify the reasons and then know how to over come them. Here are some of the negative thoughts that you probably have not knowing that they are lies your mind made up:

1. "I can't.."

Just know that this is actually a sign that you can. Whenever you think of approaching something new, you might probably find yourself thinking: "Oh, I'm too old for it" or "It's too far from home" or any similar lazy thoughts. This is because comfort zones are always easier to stay in. You might even feel physically tired thinking of over coming the "I can't" idea! But it's OK. Just know that we've all been there, so just get up, get what you need done, and you'll be surprised that such a thought turned out to be the thing urging you to start!

2. "I'm not like them"

Watching successful individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, you first feel so encouraged by what she achieved, then, your mind starts thinking that you won't be able to be like her or do what she did because she is simply living another life. Truth is, no. In fact, Oprah and others, who did succeed in what they do, weren't born like that. On contrary, most inspirational success stories started because of deep harsh struggles that turned out to be a flame that fired all the energy towards useful goals. Try watching TED talks for any successful achiever in any domain, you'll know you're just like them, not the opposite.

3. "I can't give up my.."

You actually can. Things you think you're too attached to and can never let go of are traps your mind set for you to be always under control. In other words, there is no such a thing as "If my car isn't there, I won't be able to make it to anywhere" or "My day will go wrong if my coffee isn't there". Don't make your happiness and dream achieving be attached to certain conditions. That will make you stay where you are, always attached and never able to try out new things that you might unknowingly like as well! If your car broke down, try cycling for the day! Try walking short distances and watch yourself experience an incomparable feeling!

4. "My success is fake!"

This is when you finally recall something good/successful you did but then you find yourself thinking that it was all because of a certain situation or some sort of a good luck! You even start believing that if you reached any achievement in the past because of any skill you have, it's probably your deceiving skills! This is called Fraud syndrome, and it happens to a lot of people not just you. Researches state that it happens because of stress and anxiety due to lack of rest. Thus, it is advised to get enough rest/sleep and take a break from any work you're anxious about. This will help a lot in refreshing your spirit and believing in yourself when you find yourself working with excitement again!

5. "Just this time"

Don't! Just don't believe it will be just one time; it's a trap! Your mind will also try this trick with you, making you ruin your diet with the "just one slice, it's this time only!" or giving up on your healthy lifestyle with the "just one cigarette" deceiving phrase! Thing is that the cigarette or slice of pizza will turn out to be, it's OK to have another one, and another and another.. Stay focused on what you're working on achieving, and know that the first time brings the rest!

6. "We only live once"

True! But that quote can be used as a gate for laziness and bad habits. Knowing that we live once should be a greater reason to spend our lives the right way, not to make such a phrase an excuse for wasting our days in wrong habits and unhealthy routines. 

7. "What I do is useless"

Our minds are more likely to make sure how a thing ends rather than just analyse the beginnings. For instance, if you want to start learning a new language, you might catch yourself thinking "But what's so useful about learning such a language?" or "I think I should spend my time in a more important thing". This subconsciously downgrades what you do. It makes you feel that anything you do isn't important. And again, it is just to stop you from trying out new things or getting up for something you're not used to. However, by actually starting to draw your attention away from this thought, things will get easier and you'll discover that what you do actually matters. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @bethanynoelm