Sheet masks have taken over the skincare world and it's not just in actresses' and models' bags anymore. People have discovered the power of a sheet mask and they're obsessed. I couldn't help but stock up on some sheet masks the last time I was in Sephora and I came across a specific one that made me squeal on the inside. The Dr. Jart+ Bright Lover Rubber Mask.

This one is not actually a sheet mask, it's rubber. It was all over youtube because of how weird / slightly creepy the packaging looks. The yellow creature (also could be a baby) grabbed people's attention, and everyone wanted to know what it did. So I bought it, tried it, and they were absolutely right, it made me GLOW!

As you unbox the packaging you get two steps to assemble. A jelly-like textured heavy cream in a small round box and the mask itself. The rubber mask feels really fun, and to me, it made the experience even more enjoyable. You apply the cream to your face, and then you place the yellow mask on your face. It is divided into two parts. One part for the upper half of your face, and the other one for the bottom. 

Image Credit: Earn Spend Live

I left the mask on for around 40 minutes to bask in all its glorious glow as much as possible. When I took it off, my skin absorbed the cream and has left me with this incredible overwhelming glow. I had never seen such an instant reaction when it came to giving my face back life and glow. It kept my skin hydrated and healthy looking for a while, and I can't wait to get my hands on it again.

I recommend, recommend, recommend this to brides or anyone who have big events coming up, and is in need for a skin 'pick-me-up' Can't wait for you ladies to try it out!

Main Image Credits: Beauty Is Unique