So, a lot of men always complain about not being able to understand exactly what their wife or girlfriend wants. Should they get her something sentimental and meaningful? Or should they get something practical and expensive? So ladies, if you're reading this...first of all, you're welcome. Second, show this to your partner to make his life easier

Now...Hello husband/boyfriend/fiancee. First, stop panicking. Yes, Valentine's day is so close but most of these gifts do not require time at all. We're here to help you find inspiration and figure out what gifts your girl actually wants for Valentine's. By taking a look at the list below, you will not only get ideas, but you'll also find yourself pointing out the ones that fit your partner's personality the most. 

1. Something that's actually useful

Yes, women love the 'pretty to look at' things, but we also really appreciate practical things that we can use everyday and can add value to our life. For example: Homeware and Kitchenware or those leather gloves she's been wanting. Get her comfy, soft pajamas or It can even be as simple as a new laptop charger to replace her old, torn up one. 

2. Makeup and Skincare

A lot of women can't get enough of makeup and skincare. So buying her a replacement for her favorite lipstick or getting her that eye cream you've been seeing her eyeing in something she'll really love. 

3. Lingerie 

There is nothing sexier than you buying your wife the lingerie you want to see her in. It will get you both excited for your night together. It will also make her life a lot easier when buying lingerie because she will slowly start understanding your taste. 

4. Spa Day

If she's been stressed out at work or hasn't been sleeping well, nothing will make her happier than a voucher to a nice spa. This also shows her that you notice when she's tired and care about uplifting her. 

5. Your perfume

Perfume is a pretty stereotypical gift. However, buying her her favorite scent that you wear is a beautiful and sexy sentimental gift. Scent is a very strong memory trigger and every couple has that perfume or scent that brings them nostalgia to when they first met. So getting her the scent she loves on you will have her reminiscing and romantic. 

6. Show her you listen

If she's been talking about how she's been wanting to change her routine and enhance her lifestyle, buy her things to push her towards that. Buy her a book if she wants to star treading more. Print her a meal prep plan or get her a yoga mat. Basically anything to show her you listen and want her to have a better lifestyle.

7. Trip Tickets

This one really speaks for itself. Booking her a much needed trip, whether it's for both of you, or only for her 'alone time', is something she'll never forget.

8. Time

In the end, the best thing you can give a women is your time. She wants you and she wants to feel completely gushed with your love and support. This is what Valentine's is all about. So give her your time and spoil her with kind words, love and affection. No gift will be able to replace that. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sierrafurtado