Are you looking for perfect gift ideas for your best friend? It doesn't have to be a huge thing, but rather something sentimental to make her feel appreciated and how much you value your friendship. It's time to show that love with action! 

Your bestie went with you through the best and worst, hasn't she? How about you surprise her with an out-of-the-box gift without an apparent occasion? Or even during Valentine's Day just to break the cliches?

From quirky accessories to funky sweatshirts, scroll down to get inspired for the perfect gift ideas for your best friend with some pictures.

1. Personalized necklace

2. Funky t-shirt

3. Mini mirror with a quote

4. Personalized clutch

5. Funny keychain

6. Printed silly socks

7. Matching makeup pouch

8. Chic beach towel

9. Unique photo frame

10. Matchy matchy tea/coffee mugs

11. Customizable phone cover

12. Pillow case with a phrase

13. Printed sweater