You know when friends and family are gathered and you've finally had dinner, dessert and tea and now it's either you go home and sleep, talk about something interesting or start a game night and pull out the board games or in 2020 the App games as well. Well, here are 25 fun games to play with friends indoors from the classic ones that we all know and love to some newer more modern ones that you can get familiar with.

Here are some silly and fun game night ideas for your next get together:

1. Sequence 

This classic board game can be irresistible. Check out how to play it here.

2. Pictionary 

We can't miss out on a chance to showing our friends our embarrassing drawings skills. 

3. Taboo 

Who doesn't love a card game where you have to describe something without saying the actual word. Check out how Ellen and Katy Perry played it below...

4. Monopoly 

A classic but a must have!

5. Monopoly Deal 

A modern adaptation of the classic that always find its way to our friends night ins

6. Uno

We've been playing this ever since we could talk. 

7. Heads Up!

Ellen created it, so watch how Ellen plays it...


8. Codenames

Check out how to play this enticing spy game. 


9. Identical 

Which one of you has the fastest eye? This is a personal favorite of ours. 


10. Mysterium  

Check this 6 min crash course on how to play. It's a cool game. 

11. Connect Four

Another blast from the past...

12. Battleship 

The classic board game that dates back to the first world war! You quickly learn it here

13. Phrase Party 

Who doesn't love a good party game that you can play from an app on your phone

14. Psych!

Another App game that is irresistible. We promise you and your friends will get hooked on this one. Check it out here

15. Speak Out  

Possibly the most hilarious game night game ever! 

16. Charades

Another classic that we're here to remind you of, incase you've forgotten.  

17. Mafia 

This one brings out the lawyer and criminal in each one of us. 

18. Bean Boozled 

Test your luck. Which flavor will you get? Peach or Vomit! Sorry...


19. Sticky Note Game 

On the even sillier end of things. Stick sticky notes on your friends' faces, have them tie their hands behind their back, start the timer and see which one of them will be able to shake the sticky notes off their face the quickest...

Warning: Don't be too harsh with the shaking so you don't get dizzy or injure yourself! It's just a game people... 

20. Phase 10 

Another classic card game that you can usually find being played on beach holidays...

21. System 

You probably remember this from school. Pick one person to leave the room and the group should decide on a certain system with which to answer his/her questions when they come back. For example, 'cough after answering each question' or 'include the word 'sure' in every answer. The point of the game is for that person to keep asking questions until they find out what the system is. 

22. Hangman 

Miss the pen and paper...go back to where it all began. 

23. 20 Questions 

"Is it a man? Is an animal? Is it pink?!" You know that one, simple but so fun!

24. Dark Stories

Believe me you will get so hooked on this one. It test patience, creativity and intelligence. Download the app here.

25. Cards Against Humanity

It's brutal in it's own way, but who doesn't love it?

Main Image Credits: The Everygirl