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Lifestyle Header image article main your guide to host the perfect barbecue party for family and friends

| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Your Guide to Host the Perfect Barbecue Party for Family and Friends

During Eid holiday, family and friends like to gather around to eat delicious food! And what's a better way to do it than hosting a barbecue party outdoors? Therefore, I decided to give you a full guide to host the perfect barbecue party for family and friends.

Let’s enjoy Eid together and eat many delicious foods, while we enjoy the good weather outdoors! So keep reading to know how to host the perfect barbecue party, and leave everyone having an amazing time.

1. Get your grill set and ready for the barbecue party:

First things first, you need to make sure the grill you’ll be using is perfectly clean from when you last used it. Also, make sure you have enough charcoal, old newspapers and lots and lots of matches. You’ll also need long-handled tongs, a spatula to flip the meat from one side to the other, and a hand fan to keep the charcoal flaming hot.

2. Let your guests refresh with fun drinks until the food is ready:

While your guests wait for food, keep them busy and fresh with some pink lemonade, fizzy drinks, and mainly fruity drinks, you can get their delicious recipes here. And add to the drinks some fruity ice cubes you already made the night before, to make them look cool and tasty.

3. Set aside table for toppings, drinks and appetizers:

Let your guests feel free to move around and serve themselves with the delicious drinks and appetizers. You can even put the fizzy drinks in a large ice bucket, for a fun picnic look.

4. Make sure you have many food options to grill at the barbecue party:

Not everyone is a fan of steak, so make sure you have other alternatives like chicken breasts and salmon fish. You can even make three types of burgers, ground beef, chicken and fish.  

5. Make sure the buns are hot and fresh out of the bakery:

There’s nothing like fresh buns out of the bakery. Buy the buns the morning you’re expecting to host the barbecue party, and right after you finish grilling, put them on the grill to make them hot and fresh again!

6. Don’t forget about the side menu to make the barbecue party just perfect:

You need to prepare a variety of salads, mashed potatoes and loads of French fries. You can even put some veggies on the grill while you grill the meat and chicken.

7. Make your guests eat on comfortable outdoor tables:

If you don’t already have an outdoor dining table, you can totally rent one so your guests would feel comfortable while they enjoy this lovely meal. As for the younger generation, they can enjoy their meal on the floor, gathered around in a circle on a picnic cloth.

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