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21 Mind-blowing Ways to Eat French Fries

Dalia Hosny
5/16/23, 6:00 PM

They say "fries before guys", and I wholeheartedly agree with that. Well, french fries for me are not only a side dish, but a sacred meal that I can never get enough of. Indulging in a plate full of french fries is an ultimate pleasure, and only a french fries lover will understand me. I mean how can anyone not fall in love with french fries? It's crunchy on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside and it's universally loved, as you can almost find it in every restaurant out there. Take your french fries obsession to the next level and get to know these 21 mind-blowing unique ways to eat french fries.

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Lets discover 21 out-of-the-box and delicious ways to indulge in  french fries!

1. Super Crispy Chili French Fries

Sprinkle some chili powder on your fries and enjoy! Now you're going to need some ice-cold drink after eating this. 

2. French Fries with Cheddar Cheese


Right after you drain the fries, make sure to add a slice or two of cheddar cheese on top and leave it to melt. You can also put it in the microwave for a couple of seconds in order to melt more and more.

3. Curly Fries

 Switch your normal-looking french fries to curly fries. Use a special potato slicer that you can get from any kitchenware store.

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4. Pizza Fries

 In a cooking pan, bake the french fries, remove from the oven when medium-cooked, and add tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. Put it back in the oven until the cheese melts.

5. French Fries on Pizza

 Add some medium-cooked french fries to the pizza as a topping before you heat it in the oven. You'll end up with the yummiest pizza!

6. Texas Cheese Fries

 After frying the potatoes, place them in a pan and add taco dressing, minced beef, and cheddar cheese until they're well mixed. Remove from heat and add some ranch dressing.

7. Sweet Potato Fries

 Spread thin-sliced sweet potatoes on a baking sheet after adding garlic powder, salt, and pepper as a seasoning, and leave it in the oven until well cooked. Describing it as delicious just doesn't do it justice.

8. Spicy Baked Potatoes with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Same as the sweet potato fries but add chili powder and a lemon garlic sauce on the side.

9. French Fries with Poutine Sauce

 Brown gravy and your choice of cheese poured on french fries will create nothing but a devouring side dish.

10. Wedge Fries with Oregano

 Cut the potatoes in thicker slices and sprinkle some oregano on it as a seasoning. Yumminess is guaranteed. 

11. Fish and Chips

 Recreate the infamous British plate. There's a reason it's a classic, the combination is so good!

12. French Fries with Eggs

 Prepare the eggs and french fries in separate cooking pans, then add french fries to the eggs when they're almost well-cooked. Sounds like a fine breakfast, no?

13. Fries in a Hot Dog Sandwich

Allow some french fries to invade your standard hot dog sandwich. This sandwich is the true definition of taste sensation.

14. French Fries and Minced Meat

 Fries topped with minced meat is one of the most delicious combos you can make. Already drooling! 

15. Nacho Chips with French Fries

 While preparing nachos, make sure to include french fries as a topping. Yes, you read it right.

16. French Fries with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

 Two mouthwatering things put together in one plate.

17. Baked French Fries

 Longing for a healthier version of french fries? Bake some thin-sliced potatoes in the oven and voila!

18. Greek Feta Cheese Fries

 This is one cheesy french fries recipe and I love it. It is so yummy to have feta cheese as a topping on your french fries, right?

19. Hash Browns Made with French Fries

 Are you a big hash browns fan? Slightly smash the french fries and put a layer of cheddar cheese on it. You will witness a devouring outcome! 

20. Shawarma French Fries Wrap


Induce some crispy french fries in your favorite shawarma sandwich and you'll add even more yumminess to your meal.

21. Skillet French Fries with Beef

 In a skillet, place french fries with beef, cheddar cheese, jalapeños and ranch dressing. It's all in the seasoning!



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