Being a cooking expert is a great thing, but having the talent of decorating food makes you more unique. Forget about the traditional ways of serving juice to your guests. Follow this new trick to make everybody want to copy and learn from you!

Serving juice and iced drinks is the first thing you do to greet friends and relatives that come over to your house. Instead of putting regular ice cubes, make ice cubes that contain flowers or fruits to make the served cups look unique and to add a delicious flavor to juice and water as well.

1- Start by preparing the items that you wish to use in decorating the ice cubes. It can be green leaves like mint or edible flowers like chamomile and violets. You can also choose any kind of fruit like strawberries, grapes or lemon.

2- When using larger fruits, such as lemon and strawberries, cut them in small slices if needed, to fit easily inside the mold.

3- Distribute the items inside the ice molds in an artistic way and put it in the freezer. Try to mix and match the color of the ice with the juice color according to your artsy taste. You can combine lemon and mint in one ice cube to decorate colorless soft drinks. Unleash your creative side and make the juice cup look like a piece of art.

4- Finally, make sure to use transparent cups and avoid adding slices of fruit on the edges of the cup, so it doesn't look exaggerated.