How to Set Up the Perfect Gallery Wall

Dalia Hosny
3/11/15, 12:00 AM

Knowing how to set up the perfect gallery wall, can be one of the most creative ideas to revamp your home in a simple way. Imagine this with me, a perfectly organized wall of frames with all of your favorite family moments, there's nothing nicer than that to update your bedroom or living room.

The best thing about the perfect gallery wall, is that you can easily add more pictures and precious moments to it whenever you want. Read the steps below and know how to create the perfect gallery wall, we also included some ideas to inspire you to hang your frames.

1. The first thing you need to consider before creating your gallery wall at home, is measuring the proportions of your wall and considering its color. If you want your wall to stand out more, you can paint it in a shade that is slightly dark.

2. Now after you decided on the wall, lay the frames down on the floor the way you want to hang them. Make sure to leave enough and even spaces between the frames. You can always pick frames of the same style and shade, but if you want to funk up your home, then you can mix and match frames with different colors. 

3. Take a picture of the frames as they're laying on the floor, so you can imagine how they look like on an actual wall.

4. Measure the proportions again using a ruler before you make any holes in the wall, in order not to cause any damages. The larger the wall, the better the gallery wall will be displayed.

5. Hang the frames up on the wall to form an artistic collage of the most iconic moments in your life, along with some of your favorite quotes if you wish.


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