Ever thought about having your own office nook at home? Thinking about the many times I had to sit down and work on my bed, or lie on the floor or even use the dining table, and how I couldn’t focus and ended up with a terrible backache, made me look for a way to fit a little office into my apartment.

I found very inspiring ideas to set up a home office nook, that working mothers will specially love. Did you know that you can fit a little office nook in your kitchen? Yes, your kitchen, as you’ll see in the photos when you scroll down.

Even if you’re not a working mother, every woman needs a place to write down things, search for recipes or just check her e-mail on her computer. So why not have your little work space nook, where you can organize your bills, your to-do list and everything you need.

You can certainly find any corner in the house and transform it into a home office nook, and make it look like a cool part of your interior decoration. But if you ask me, the main key to all of this, is a chair that you’ll be comfortable sitting on, and a neat, well decorated space where you can focus.

Scroll down to see 40 photos of home office nooks that will greatly inspire you.