Wall colors are the core of any mood or theme you want to pick for your house. When picked in the right shade and in the right place, wall colors get to give your house a soul and an identity. Before I tell you about the art of matching wall colors with your home furniture, there are some basic rules that you need to know.

- When you pick a wall color you need to know its psychological effect on you, some warm colors like red and orange might trigger negative and violent feelings in you.

- Also, you need to try different shades of the color you picked before you make up your mind.

- The room in the house that you're picking the wall color for is also very important.

- The type of furniture and home accessories must match the wall color, because some colors have a certain cultural feeling that must be matched or reflected in the type of furniture you pick.

1. Blue walls

The color blue is a cool one, and looking at it will help you relax; it can release the tension and lower your blood pressure. It might also give you a sad feeling sometimes, because it’s a cold color. The best place for a blue wall is a place where a lot of people meet, like living rooms and receptions. Bedrooms are also a good idea for relaxation. The best furniture and accessories colors to pick with a blue wall are mustard, gold, pink, brown, green, lime green, off white and other shades of blue.

2. Green walls

The color green is another cool one. Green is all about serenity, inner peace and relaxation. It is one of the easiest colors on the human eye. Just like the color blue, green is perfect for busy areas like your living room, and your reception. And it is also great for bedrooms if you want to have a peaceful good night's sleep. The best furniture and accessories colors to pick with a green wall are mustard, blue, navy blue, pink, red, purple, grey, brown, off white, gold, and other shades of green.

3. Gray walls

The color gray is neutral, it has no character, and it can adapt to any space. It usually doesn’t trigger any kind of emotions, because it’s a dull color. It might bore you, but when styled in the right way, it can work on your side, because after all it’s a very practical color. Any room in the house can take the color gray. Since gray is a neutral color, then all color palettes can match it perfectly. I’d recommend that you match it with happier and more vivid colors, but some people like to match with even more neutral colors like white and off-white for a minimal home decor.

4. Pink walls

Though the color pink is a very light shade of red, but it doesn’t trigger aggressive emotions like the color red. It is actually calm and innocent; it is perfect for bedrooms and any place you feel like you want to relax. The best furniture and accessories colors to pick for a pink wall are green, mustard, red, blue, off white, gold, and powder rose. 

5. Red walls

The color red is aggressive; it has a lot of character. I’d be careful before I pick it for my house. But it’s warm, and energetic. But when placed in busy places where a lot of conversations happen, some negative feelings and intolerance might surface. A red wall is perfect for kitchens and dining rooms, a place where you eat, because it makes you think about food and would give you an appetite to eat. The best furniture and accessories colors to match with a red wall are green, pink, white, off-white, brown, silver, gold, and turquoise.

6. Orange walls

The orange color works just like the red color, so an orange wall is aggressive, and might trigger heated conversations. It is also perfect for kitchens and dining rooms for people who like to invite people over to eat, but it’s not good for people who are trying to lose weight, as they’ll have a big appetite when they eat in this room! The best furniture and accessories colors to match with an orange wall are turquoise, lime green, lime green, teal, brown, off white, and pink.