When parents start selecting paint colors for a kid's room, they tend to pick pink for girls, and blue for boys. In case they wanted a neutral option, they'd go for yellow. But have you ever thought that colors actually affect your child's mood and behavior? Each color has a power, and people are affected by different color stimuli. Before going for any color preferences to paint your kid's room, think twice, as it might not be the best choice for them.

To help you decorate your child's room in the best way possible, we'll be sharing with you the effect of colors on their mood. We'll also give you tips on how to pick the most suitable paint color, along with a list of our favorite shades from Jotun's color gallery.


The pink and peachy colors don't only emit calmness and tranquility for girls, they’re very relaxing for boys as well. Make sure to go for the shades that aren’t too vivid as they might cause anxiety. We recommend Rose Basket (2619) and Butterfly (2602) by Jotun.


White and creme are always associated with purity and serenity. They’re the type of colors that help release stress and help you get into a relaxing mood, and that’s exactly why they’re perfect to use for a child's room. It's best to have a splash of color along with white and creme, to avoid kids' secretive behavior and help them open up. Our favorite shades in that category of colors include Summer Snow (1928), Classic White (9918) and Oxford River (9915).


Yellow is the color of joy and happiness, so using it stimulates positive and cheerful feelings. Light yellow shades help the child to focus, while bright yellow shades help to improve their memory. Try out Jotun’s Wild Rice shade (1012).


The effect of blue depends on its shade. Light and bright shades of blue give a feeling of calmness, they also lower blood pressure, decrease aggregation and rapid heart beats. On the other hand, dark shades of blue create a sad and gloomy ambiance. Our favorite shades of blue are Jotun’s Moon Reflection (4072) and Alladin (4468).


One of the best colors you can choose to paint your child’s room with is green. The green color has a soothing effect, which perfectly works for children who have a tendency to display anger. Green also helps increase their concentration and learning ability. We picked for you Jotun’s April Green (8109) and for a lighter shade, go for Spring Air (8087).


Getting exposed to the color grey enhances creativity, as it’s a neutral color. It’s preferable to mix up the grey with additional colors as well. We recommend Dawn (1269), Ice Turquoise (5136) and Platinum (9911).