There's along standing discussion about how the body changes sex and after marriage. Does your body change after becoming sexually active? What about pregnancy? Last time we talked about how the body changes in the 20s and 30s, this time we're focusing on the effects after sex and the physical changes in the body after marriage...

How Does Our Body Change in Our 20s and 30s?

Weight gain after becoming sexually active

There is so much talk online about weight gain after sex and marriage and the truth is, it doesn't seem like there's any concrete proof that this does happen because of sex. Some say this is because of increased water retention, maybe because of birth control pills. Although nothing says for sure that birth control pills or hormonal birth control causes weight gain, some women say they experience temporary weight gain after being on the pill, which could be because of water retention, not fat or actual weight gain. 

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Weight and lifestyle changes

Also estrogen may increase your appetite, and lifestyle changes, if you just got married, could be a factor as well. After marriage, people may feel really happy, excited and are getting used to life together. This could either cause weight gain due to an increased appetite, responsibilities distracting them from focusing on staying active and healthy eating, or just their regular appetite coming back after the pre-wedding stress. This new lifestyle could also cause weight loss if your body, mood and appetite is still adapting to these changes. It really just depends on the person's nature. Also, for some people marriage and these new lifestyle changes cause motivation to workout and exercise. 

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Menstrual Cycle

Again these lifestyle changes, new routine and possible added stress can affect the menstrual cycle as we all know. Also hormonal birth control can have an impact on your period and cycle. It could cause the period to be irregular. Changes in weight caused by birth control or other factors could affect the menstrual cycle as well. More fat can cause more estrogen production, which can make the period irregular or even heavier. If you feel or see significant changes in your menstrual cycle, it is always better to check with your doctor. 

Breasts and nipples 

No, your breasts don't get bigger after you start having sex. They do, however, but only temporarily, swell up. The blood vessels dilate and so they get firmer. This happens because of sexual arousal, but things are back to normal after sex. When you start to have sex, the body starts to experience Vasocongestion. This is the swelling of 'bodily tissues' due to the increase in blood flow. That includes the nipples as well. They become more sensitive, because of the surrounding blood circulation, hard and erect because of sexually stimulated hormones. All of these should also help increase pleasure and help with orgasms. This also happens during arousal and they should go back to normal afterwards.

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Changes in the vagina after starting to sex

It seems that so many people still don't know what actually happens to the vagina when you start having sex. There are many misconceptions that sex makes the vulva looser and the vagina wider or less tight. The vagina only stretches to get used to having the penis inside, but it goes back to how it was. So the reason sex becomes more conformable with time is because the vagina starts getting used to it and becomes better at knowing how to stretch open for penetration. 

People also believe that the hymen breaks, which is not true. Hymens differ from one person to the next, that's why some women bleed and others don't (yes it's completely normal not to bleed after having sex for the first time!), but they usually just get more elastic and stretch with sex. 

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Going back to Vasocongestion, the same swelling process because of well-oxygenated blood flow happens to the clitoris and the lips or labia. After having sex a few times, your body will start getting used to penetration and the clitoris will automatically swell up, preparing for sex. Swelling in the vagina or more accurately the vulva, could also happen because of arousal or friction during sex. However, again, after you're done, things will go back to how they were.

How does the body with pregnancy?

Here's a brief on only a few of the common changes that could happen to the body during a pregnancy. We did, however, dedicate 3 articles for every trimester and the specific changes that might happen during each. Check them out for more details...

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1st Trimester

2nd Trimester

3rd Trimester

- Fatigue, dizziness, tiredness.

- Headaches.

- Tender breasts that feel swollen and get bigger.

- Constipation and gas.

- Milky vaginal discharge.

- Peeing frequently.

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- Darker looking areolas.

- Glowy skin.

- Increased oiliness of the skin.

- Increase and decrease in sex drive. 

- Hair growth on body. 

- Appearance of stretch marks. 

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