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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

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10/10/20, 12:00 AM

Sex during pregnancy, specifically in the ninth month, is one of the things that a woman feels most afraid about, anxious that it will affect the baby. And so a lot of couples and pregnant women it safe to have sexy during pregnancy? Some believe that it could be beneficial, while others believe that it harms the mother’s health and the baby. Are there any dangerous consequences? What should be avoided during sex while pregnant? When to stop sex during pregnancy? And what are the best sex positions during pregnancy?

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Note: Please know that every case is different and that you must ask your doctor about this so you can know for sure we’re or not it’s okay for your case and what you should do. 

Can sex affect the pregnancy?

There are many women who think that sex can affect the baby and even be the cause of abortion. The thing is many say that sex is important and even can be beneficial with no negative impact. This is because throughout the pregnancy, the baby is protected by many means such as strong uterine muscles, amniotic fluid, and the placenta, which closes the cervix and prevents the baby from being delivered. So sex should no affect you during pregnancy.

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Some women believe that practicing any sexual activity and having an orgasm may be the cause of premature labor, especially when having sex during the ninth month. But what could happen are the Braxton Hicks contractions, which can happen to anyone and occur as a result of the approach of your due date and might be because of the anxiety that accompanies it, not necessarily because of sex.


Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

1. Certainly, things like nausea, back pain, weight gain and swelling of the skin will affect your sex drive, but in general, sexy during pregnancy should be safe, even in the ninth month, unless you doctor says otherwise of course, and can have many benefits to the body and the bab. The effort that you spend during sexy could double the metabolism and help you relax and enjoy a nice quiet and deep sleep.

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2. Reaching an orgasm helps stimulate blood flow in the vaginal wall, which increases the sex drive and the secretion of endorphins, which contribute to relieving the pain associated with the birth process. 

Note: Some women experience an orgasm for the first time during sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

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3. Practicing sexual intercourse during pregnancy is one of the things that can have a positive effect on mom because orgasms increases the secretion of endorphins that could relax you and your baby.

Things to consider before having sex during pregnancy:

- Make sure the sex positions are comfortable for you and your baby and bump. You can ask your doctor for the safe sex postions to use. 

- Communicate with your husband and tell him what you love and what doesn't satisfy you, especially during the last months.

- The breast area will probably be very sensitive and could be painful so make sure you talk to your partner about things like that.

The best sex positions during pregnancy:

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Make sure you avoid typical sex positions that can be uncomfortable and dangerous. For example, lying on your back for him on top can be very tiring because the weight of the baby will put pressure on your breath and main arteries. It is preferable to choose sex positions that make you feel comfortable, such as...

- The spooning sex position. (Sleeping on your side with him behind you.) 

- You being on top with him lying on the bed. 

- Sitting at the edge of the bed with him standing.

Note: Of course make sure your doctor approves these positions before you move forward!

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When to stop sex during pregnancy?

In some cases, the doctor tells you to stop having sex during pregnancy, which can be because of a certain problem that could be risky for your health or baby’s. So this is something you need to ask your doctor clearly. 

- If you’ve had previous miscarriages.

- If your water breaks or the fluid surrounding the baby starts to drop or come out.

- If you’ve had premature labor or birth before.

- If there are any vaginal infections, bleeding or wounds.

- If you have a low-lying placenta. 

- If the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby comes out. 

- The cervix is not strong enough, which causes it to open before the due date.

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