Talking dirty to your husband has its own superpowers! We keep saying that men are visual creatures, and they like to see more than they hear, but dirty talking to your husband plays a big part in the lovemaking equation. If you are a shy person, then you should go bit by bit. Whisper in his ears, don't say it out loud and change your tone to a flirty one. Behind closed doors, you can always do whatever you want to please your man, so both of you can be satisfied. Sex is only a little game between you and him, so make sure to motivate and compliment him without making it seem too cheap. Make him feel good just like a winner and get to know some tips on talking dirty to your husband. It's a kind of foreplay after all! Show him that he's doing something right. Men always like recognition.

Here are some ideas and tips on talking dirty to your husband in bed:

1. Before sex say what you want

2. During sex say what you like

3. Be descriptive

4. Use all your senses

5. Narrate in a seductive way or whisper

6. Find a few choice parts of his body to praise

7. if he's doing something that makes you feel good, say it and repeat

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Dirty Talk:

- I love it when...

- Drop your pants.

- My .... misses your touch.

- You are good at...

- I love having sex with you.

- Do you like how this feels?

- I love it when you kiss me right there.

- I’d like to share every inch of my body with you

- The way you .... is so sexy

- I want more!

- Don't stop!

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