How to get him in the mood for sex isn't a hard task especially when you know how to turn him on the right way! Sometimes it's hard to find the signs that he's in the mood. So, you need to take charge and initiate some sexy time with your hubby, know his snensitive spots, his weaknesses and use them to your advantage for a night both of you will definitely enjoy. 

To help you get things heated in bed, we're sharing quite a few ideas to get him in the mood for sex.

1. A hot shower

Noting says sexy like a steamy hot shower, or even a bubble bath for two. Sure, you could either prepare a hot bubble bath for him, give him a little massage to pamper him and he'll definitely be pulling you in.

2. Sexy lingerie

First of all shopping and wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel good and super confident. More importantly sexy lingerie speaks louder than words! If you want to get him in the mood for sex, put on lingerie he'll love and wear your favourite playful scent.

3. Sexting

If you're staying at home waiting for your husband or you're driving back home to him, make sure to let him know you can't wait to see him. A text like 'I've got a sexy surprise for you' or 'I'm going to show you what love is tonight', will not only make him anxious and waiting for you desperately, but will also get him into the mood immediately.

4. Look into his eyes

Show your husband you want him by giving him that look of yours! A seductive look that he recognizes and knows very well. This may sound a little bit old school, but it does work. With eye contact, you can let your husband know you're ready for sex.

5. Remind him of last time

Whispering a sexy memory is a great way to grab all his attentionFor the magic to begin, you could easily remind him of how amazing the last time you had sex was and that you can't wait for the next one. He'll certainly enjoy getting special attention from you and how your mind is diverted to him.

6. Hints

As he walks into the house, make sure to have some sexy hints ready for him on his way to the bedroom. Better yet, wait for him in bed and lay on top of the covers (wearing whatever you prefer) and he'll be thrilled with this pleasant surprise. 

7. Dirty talk is the key

Using your sexiest voice, whisper in your husband's ears some flirty words. Wondering how to talk dirty to your husband? Compliment him or his body in a sexy way, that will definitely can get you places! Always remember to keep it balanced and don't exaggerate.

8. Body Language

Last but not least, you should always try being sensual when it comes to your body language. A long affectionate hug or even a kiss on his cheek or neck is a great way to hit off things.