Anyone can have mood swings at any time, but things get worse when it is a regular habit. Things get far worse when this person is your partner as it's often hard to figure out a way to deal with them. Many women may find it very difficult to deal with a moody man and may not know exactly what to do and how to avoid making things worse.

Here are some effective suggestions that can help you deal with your partner’s mood swings:

Keep a Positive Mindset

If you allow someone else's mood to bring you down, you're not only sacrificing your comfort, but you’re also risking your relationship. For example, reacting to his outbursts can create more quarrels that can make things a lot worse. Instead, try to keep a positive attitude while interacting with your moody partner. Moreover, if you feel like you’re getting exhausted or overwhelmed, take a break and practice deep breathing until you calm down.

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Set Boundaries

Try to keep count of how often he loses his temper or becomes intolerably moody. If this happens regularly or you realize that he keeps doing this only with you, it is important to tell him about how you feel. You also have to tell him that you cannot tolerate this attitude all the time. He needs to understand that it is not okay to treat you like this and that will only happen when you set clear boundaries.

Offer Help

A man who suffers from constant mood swings will require his wife to be extra caring and talk to him with reason. Expect that your man may not like to answer your repetitive questions and may ask you to leave him alone. If he gets angry or refuses to talk to you, don't feel bad or insist on arguing because this will only make things worse. Just tell him that you're there to help, no matter what the situation is and that you can talk whenever he feels like it. This will definitely make him feel so much better. When he realizes that there's someone to look after him, help him, and accept him for who he is, he’ll be kind to you.

Give Him His Personal Space

You are the only one who can decide whether it is best to talk to your man or leave him alone when he is in a bad mood. Most moody men like to be left on their own so they can find solutions and deal with their mood swings before dealing with others. Give him enough space and time to do what he has to do, then he'll come back to you after he's all relaxed and calm. Being alone is one of the ways to deal with negative emotions and most men do it perfectly. Give him as much time as he wants to calm down and get back to normal. If you notice that it’s taking him too long to come to his normal state, it is up to you to decide whether you want to talk to him or not.

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How to Deal with Your Partner’s Mood Swings?

Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is mandatory when dealing with a moody man. When moody men want to talk about their problems and feelings, they want someone who can listen rather than talk and make suggestions. Make sure you don't bother him with suggestions. Let him finish talking and then you can start giving him advice if you want. Once he's done talking, you can ask him about what he wants. If he needs your help or advice, he’ll ask for it. Don’t start giving any until he asks for it so you don’t waste your time or energy.

Be Supportive

Sometimes, your moody man may suffer from something worse than a bad mood. Depressed men can also suffer from mood swings and anger. In such cases, counseling and psychological help are needed. If his bad mood remains for several weeks or months, assess the situation and offer help; suggest consultation or a visit to a psychiatrist. As his partner, you should gently persuade him to see a psychiatrist and do whatever you can to get him out of this state.

Consider Your Own Emotions

The last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable being around someone who’s always tense. If despite your patience, advice, empathy, and attention he doesn't seem to care, think about it, do you really need this person in your life? Any successful relationship is based on giving and taking. So, if you’re always the giver and your man is the taker, this relationship is no longer healthy. Any relationship should be reciprocal; whatever you give, should come back to you in the end.

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Don’t Reward His Mood Swings

Always remember that a moody man will definitely not change if he is rewarded for his attitude or silence. Unfortunately, moody men usually receive special treatment from their parents because of their stubbornness and constant bad mood in an attempt to please them. If you really want to sort things out, you’ll need to stop giving him the attention he used to get earlier. Only then, he will come to his senses.