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15 Modest Swimwear Brands to Help You Find the Best Burkinis!

Fustany Team
5/18/23, 6:00 PM

Two or three years ago, finding a burkini was hard, let alone a good-looking burkini. Things are, thankfully, getting better each summer, and we are seeing more brands fully dedicated to modest swimwear and burkinis. Today we will share with you 15 brands that offer amazing burkini designs and modest swimwear.

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1. Swijabi 

Swijabi is an Egyptian brand that makes the most colorful, yet chic burkinis. They have a lot of different designs with many colors and sizes. You can now visit Swijabi account on Instagram.

2. Hydro Swimwear

swimwear fustany burkini
Hydro swimwear has very modern and elegant burkini designs and the best thing about them is that they also have coverups made especially for burkinis. Just visit their website to get your favorite burkini.

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3. Lyra Swim

swimwear fustany burkini
It is considered one of the most famous brands for modest swimwear for veiled women, offering a diverse range of stylish and attractive hijab swimsuit models that give you an elegant look on the beach. This brand is always the top choice for most Arab fashion bloggers. Visit Lyra Swimwear's website to purchase your burkini swimsuit.

4. Lakuna Swim

If you want your burkini to look modest as well as fun, you'll love this brand. LAKUNA Swim offers different styles of modest swimwear or burkinis for different tastes. It is also a favorite for many hijabi bloggers around the world. You can order it online to be delivered worldwide.

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5. SIYA Swimwear

Stylish modern Burkinis can be found at SIYA Swimwear. They also have a wide range of sizes for all women. You can also find headwear with distinctive designs for your taste. Their unique designs and choice of colors make them one of the best brands in the Netherlands. You can enjoy worldwide shipping wherever you are.

6. Lanuuk Swimwear

 Your favorite fashion bloggers are probably shopping from LANUUK SWIMWEAR. This brand has cool designs that are perfect for the beach. They also have designs that are suitable for pregnant women.

7. Madamme BK

One of the most well-known French brands in the Middle East is Madamme BK. They have special Burkini designs in different sizes to suit all women.

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8. Shelline Swimwear

swimwear fustany burkini
If you are a fan of simplicity and minimalism,  you need to take a look at shelline swimwear. Their designs are beautiful and really modern and chic. They also deliver worldwide. 

9. Modanisa

swimwear fustany burkini
Modanisa is an online platform that offers modest clothing and many options for hijab fashion, where you can also find amazing burkinis. They have different options from different brands so you can shop and pick your favorite.

10. Hijabi Swimwear

swimwear fustany burkini
 If you’re into American brands or imported swimwear, this brand is the one for you. Hijabi Swimwear is an online shopping site, in which you can choose any design you like from 100% original products.

11. Hijab Boutique

swimwear fustany burkini
 While hijabboutique is not a specialized shop for swimwear, it still offers some of the best burkinis. It is a store for hijabis, so they offer great designs for their clients that make them look modest and chic simultaneously.

12. HK Designs

swimwear fustany burkini
 Another brand that offers incredible hijabi fashion is HK  Designs. Among their colorful, modest collections, they have lovely swimwear designs that seem to be loved by their customers.

13. Hadia Ghaleb’s Brand

Hadia Ghaleb, the brand for the boss ladies, is still relatively new in the market, having launched its first swimwear collection just a year ago and counting. These Hadia Ghaleb swimsuits are made from the finest materials and feature unconventional and fun designs that can make you stand out this summer. But beware, they come with a hefty price tag, so choose wisely if it fits your financial capabilities.

14- Pepla

Pepla is one of those brands that has taken the world by storm this year. With 17 unique designs, they've got something for everyone, regardless of your taste. And the best part is that they offer great prices without compromising on fabulous prints and materials. So go ahead and find your perfect match with Pepla.

15- Pistage


Pistage is one of the top brands when it comes to offering swimwear for hijabis. But here's the twist—they go the extra mile by providing matching headscarves with the same pattern and color as the swimsuit. This means you can rock a coordinated and fabulous look that's perfect for summer and the beach. Get ready to slay the summer with Pistage.



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