We wanted to work on a piece that would empower women to find themselves sexy with their own terms and redefine what sexy even is. So we asked ourselves and some women we know to tell us what they find to be the sexiest thing about themselves and what makes them feel confident and sexy, in hopes that it would inspire you to do the same, not just today or for an article, but for every time you reflect on who you are and every time you need a reminder that you beauty and individuality is impeccable. 

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"I think the sexiest thing about me can't be something physical. There are days I wake up and don't feel sexy at all and days when I do. So, I think it's a state of mind. If I love what i am wearing I'll feel sexy. If I just accomplished something at work i'll feel sexy. If I finished an intense workout i'll feel sexy. Sometimes just wearing cute matchy underwear makes me feel sexy."

"My smile, my wittiness and intelligence"

"I think my eyes and eyebrows. When my eyebrows are perfect I feel confident enough to go out without makeup."

"I would say I'm pretty incredible. Hahaha. I feel like the sexiest thing about me is that I feel like I am really sexy...I'm sexy and I know it. Haha. Definitely my confidence and that I'm mysterious. People usually don't know wether I'm happy, sad or even jealous. I find that sexy."

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"I find myself to be sexiest when I see how great my body looks in a red fitted evening dress, that also flatters my skin tone. And despite me not being active, I always make sure to take care of my body and wear things that flatter it. 

"I think it's sexy when a conversation starts and I realize I read a lot about that issue and can take part in that conversation confidently."

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"Definitely my confidence. I have my own opinions and personality that is independent from what others think. I'm not easily influenced by others. Also my engineering background gave me the ability to see the details that people can't notice and I'm generally right about things, which I think is sexy."

"I feel like my intelligence and ability to see multiple perspectives is attractive. Also my ability to empathize with people, and finally my hair! The latter is recent since I managed to completely transform my hair from being super damaged and thin to thick healthy curls." 

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"My sense of humor and confidence."

"I love my waist, every time I look at it I'm like damn! I also find my kindness, empathy and ability to understand other people to be really sexy. Also, people used to make fun of my butt chin or 'Cleft Chin' at school, but I've always thought it was really sexy and unique."

Main Image Credits: Instagram @imaanhammam