20 Life Lessons the Fustany Team Learned in Their 20's

Jasmine Kamal
8/20/19, 12:00 AM

I often find myself asking everyone around me, "What did you learn in your 20's?" Our 20's is a stage in our life that still remains a mystery to a lot of people. Even though everyone has been through that stage, you will still find that no one can really tell you what actually happens in your 20's, what you will learn or what you must come out of it with. As for myself, after passing my mid 20's, I realized that I was going through a lot of things that I longed for people to have talked to me about. That's why I went around the office asking The Fustany Team about the life lessons learned  from their 20's. And these were their answers...

1. Your 20's are not an easy period as a lot may know, it is full of complexities and changes. We need to be aware of that so that we're not shock with the reality of it.

2. In our 20's we go through a lot of changes, therefore, our views and principles change and that's something we need to accept.

3. It is very normal to lose people we were very close to. During that stage we open up to a new world and discover new people, who might understand us more, where we feel more comfortable and ourselves around them.

4. Experimenting and trying new things are the magic key for this stage of your life. You have to try out different things, but cautiously without causing yourself any harm. This is what shapes our personalities for the upcoming years. 

5. I learnt to discover and get to know myself, especially what I love, what I hate and who I want to be.

6. I realized that the image of myself that I show people around me from family, colleagues or friends is my responsibility when it comes to the consequences of that image, and those consequences are very hard to change.

7. I learned to listen to those older than me. For they really have learned lessons and have had experiences we can really learn from. 

8. Being a good person doesn't mean that bad things won't happen to you. Anything can happen to anyone and that's life.

9. Your 20's are the best time for you to experience new things.

10. Getting into relationships in your early 20's isn't always the best thing, our personalities really change as we grow up.

11. Being independent is the best gift you can gain from your 20's, this is what's really going to form your true personality.

12. I realized that your secrets shouldn't be said to those you don't know that well and that overly trusting those around you isn't good.

13. I learnt that I need to know my self worth and believe that I'm strong enough to withstand difficulties.

14. In your 20's you will learn that everything has another side to it and that people are not what they seem.

15. I came to understand that in a romantic relationship I must show my absolute true self and that I shouldn't have to change my beliefs or who I am to fit the relationship.

16. There's no such thing as 'too late'. As long as you're breathing, you can learn and do whatever you want to.

 17. I learnt that I must challenge myself and keep trying until I achieve what I want. And If I fail, it's not the end of the world.

18. Fear of the future destroys the present and gets you stuck. You need to focus on 'the now' in order to make the best out of it. 

19. Don't just go with the flow. There's nothing wrong with having your own personal opinions and beliefs, even if they are completely opposite to those everyone else's.

20. Appreciating life is the best thing you can get out of your 20's.

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