'For all women, of all ages, cultures, nationalities and ethnicities...this is for you.'

As women, a lot of us are mistaken in the way we perceive and view ourselves. Unfortunately, we often let our minds wander and convince us that a lot of things in our life would be better if we were born men. A lot of us have lost track of the importance of finding the happiness and appreciation in being a woman. 

But today, in celebration of International Women's Day 2019, we wanted to talk about ourselves and talk to women in a more positive light. We wanted to start a conversation about the beauty, power and strength we posses as women, in hope of reminding ourselves and reminding you to be incredibly proud of the woman you are today.

So if you're having a hard time loving yourself today, which let's face it...we all have those days, let's talk about some things that we know you might have complained about before and thought were intolerable. But Instead, let's change the narrative and show you how awesome you actually are and how your body is a lot more special than you think it is...

1. Growing a human inside you

Have you ever thought of how, literally, unbelievable it is that you can carry a baby in your tummy for 9 months and be able to go about life, functioning on a daily basis. 

2. Periods!

Yes, it is a positive thing despite all the unbearable pain we have to grow through every month. The strength your body posses, to be able to bleed for at least 5 days constantly, is incredible! So every month, when the time comes, try to remind yourself that "Damn, girl, you're strong. Look at what you can handle!"

3. Giving birth

Yes, women can bear the pain of giving birth, which is the second most unbearable pain after burning. Umm...women are literally superheroes. They can go through that kind of pain, smile and get excited for having another one! 

4. Breastfeeding

Only a women's body is capable of having that kind of connection with a baby. Breastfeeding is not just a daily requirement, it's one of the purest forms of human connection. 

5. Multiple Orgasms 

Our orgasms are not only longer and better, but you can have more than one orgasm right after another. It is one the most famous forms of envy men have of us. So the next time you're enjoying some one on one time with your hubby, take a minute to observe how magnificent your body and sexuality are. 

6. Our bodies

Our bodies truly are a work of art. We're all born with different body shapes and features, but just take a closer look, change the perspective and remove the beauty standards, you'll start to see truly how beautiful the female body is. It definitely deserves more love from us.

7. We love the simple things

Even though a lot of men often see women as complex beings, we're actually a lot simpler for we truly do find beauty and joy in the little things. Like drinking tea out of your favorite mug or buying yourself a new lingerie set that made you feel incredibly sexy. 

8. Multitaskers

We are capable of doing a million things at the same time without losing focus! From taking care of children and going to work to doing laundry and redecorating. 

9. Intelligence

Our attention to detail allows us our mind to develop a lot faster beyond our age. We are very intelligent and quick to learn which is a skill worth giving ourselves credit for!

10. Emotional

A lot of women are very emotionally intelligent. Our strong emotions allow us to feel what other people are feeling and can therefore care for them and comfort them.

11. Fashion

Our options when it comes to fashion are endless. There are so many styles, colors, fits and themes to choose from depending on our mood, personal style and personality. We are completely capable of changing how we feel and how others perceive us through the way we carry ourselves in our clothes and style. 

12. Makeup

The power of makeup is truly incredible. Makeup is an art that a lot of women admire and love to play around with, from the way we apply our eyeliner, depending on our mood, to our daily dilemma of choosing a powerful red lip or a boss lady nude. 

13. High heels

Yes, they are painful at times, but how sexy and confident do you feel when you rock your high heels on a Friday night out? 

14. Men's clothing

Suits, blazers, oversized sweaters, even ties and varsity jackets...we even look good in men's clothing. The fashion choices are endless.

15. We live longer

We're not so sure we can call this a fact, but just for today...let's say it is and take the time we have in the world to celebrate ourselves! 

Happy International Women's Day and here's to waking up everyday proud of every part of who we are.


The Fustany Team xx

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