Have you ever looked up at a cloud blaming it why it rained? Or have you seen anyone ever point fingers on earth for it may be guilty because of a storm or a flood? Of course, the answer is no. Then why we, females, feel embarrassed -almost all of the time- about natural things our bodies experience when we know that this is simply the way we were created? Although some of these things may be part of a man’s identity or may even be explained as a biological phenomena for a male, these things tend to make a female feel ashamed. Here’s why any of the following points shouldn’t make you feel abnormal:

1. Cellulite/Stretch Marks

Whether it's weight loss/gain, pregnancy or anything else your body experiences, you may witness different body sizes through all your life stages. Thus, your skin was created to be flexible enough to be able to stretch/shrink whenever necessary in order to cope with the shape you are in. This flexibility is simply a reaction that shows through cellulite/stretch marks. Therefore, a body's natural reaction should never be a shameful fact but rather a proof that you lived different stages to the fullest!


Instagram @calliethrope

2. Body hair

The inherited thought that it is ugly to have body hair tends to make each female feel insecure about how she looks. However, there is a thin line between keeping your body hair and being non hygienic. If hair removal is essential for your hygiene and/or self comfort, of course do it. What I'm talking about is when you absolutely have no clue what is wrong with body hair but still can't wear your favorite t-shirt unless you shave. Never feel ashamed to be comfortable in your own skin!

3. Periods

A menstrual cycle is actually one unique phenomenon that differentiates a female from a male. If you give it a thought, what is just wrong with your body losing an amount of blood every month? As painful as it may be, periods are very important to keep your body hormones balanced. I mean, scientifically speaking, ask any woman experiencing menopause about how she feels about her body, and she'll tell you how much of a blessing her period was and how crucial it is in maintaining the strength of your body. A period is actually another proof why females can stand physical pains that are probably unbearable for men. 

4. Frizzy Hair

It's inspiring how natural hair-care approaches are the leading trends nowadays. One of which is heat-free hairstyles. The idea that if you have frizzy or curly hair, you just can't fit in, has now evaporated! Frizzy hair curls are in for almost each situation and event. A lot of girls with naturally straight hair long for curls and wish they won't have to fake it, so be proud of each wave of your hair no matter how narrow it is!


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5. Unique body shape

Whether you're a plus size or a mini one, you should know that your body defines you! It's part of who you are. What would ever be wrong if you have a smaller cup size than the common one? If you fit more in a Large rather than Medium pair of pants? Absolutely nothing! We're born to be and look different, and if we don't embrace our differences, then what will we embrace?

6. White hair

The fact that some wisps of your hair can naturally change color is just admirable! I mean, without any dyes or chemicals, you can wake up one morning with some hairs in grey or white! Who said white hair always says that you're old and useless? Who said that 'old' even means 'useless'? And who said that having white hairs is only for old people? When a male celebrity, for instance, has grey hair, it adds to his sexiness. Then why when it comes to a female, it doesn't? I guess you know the answer now!

7. Freckles

You may say: "But who gets annoyed by freckles?" I'll tell you unfortunately a lot of girls grow up hating their faces/bodies for they are showered with freckles. A lot of makeup artists call them: 'natural blushers'. Even makeup looks now approach the no-makeup makeup more everyday, empowering natural skin-especially freckles, instead of fully covering them like before. Recently, artificial freckles were invented, and some makeup bloggers released tutorials on how to use them!


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8. Wrinkles

Each line that may appear on your face is actually a road on your life journey that tells a story. Look at your wrinkles and remember the laughs, the cries, and the sighs. It's just miraculous that after years of living, one's face can tell how much of an experienced person they might be! It adds to the femininity of the woman in a much more special and unique way. Wrinkles actually embrace how much of a fighter we are and will be.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @maryalouise