When you become a more confident woman, you're definitely ten times sexier! Every woman has a shy side, and a daring one too. In celebration of International Women's Day, why not embrace your inner Beyonce and become more comfortable in your own skin? Because confidence speaks louder than words, here's how to become a more confident woman and shine on.

1. Learn to say no.

The feel of knowing what you want, and being able to decide for yourself is extremely empowering and fulfilling. If there are people around you who are making you feel bad, or lowering yourself esteem, then they surely don't deserve your time and attention! Learn to stay no to negative vibes and have the will to walk away.

2. Always look good.

It's amazing how a blowout or a even new hair cut makes you look and feel great! When you feel self-conscious, make sure to pamper yourself and work on your own image. Not only will the compliments make you feel good, but also the sense of change is amazing.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others.

The first step to becoming more confident is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Focus more on yourself and kill your negative thoughts. Appreciate your own uniqueness, know your good traits and think about what makes you special and embrace it. 

4. Set goals and follow them.

Achievements taste better than chocolates! A confident woman should work on her goals, utilize her skills and advance herself to reach her goals and dreams. Set a goal for yourself, along with a realistic timetable and feel proud when you achieve it!

5. Focus on solving your problems.

To become more confident, you'll have to figure out your problems and fix them on your own. Have you been complaining lately about your weight, do something about it and sign up for a gym membership. You really started disliking your job? Take control and look for a better one! Focus on the solutions instead of the problems!  

6. Make little changes.

Because little things do matter, learn to work on them. Changing the way you sit at your desk, smiling more often and speaking slower than you do, are few simple things that make a big difference. They will also make you appear calm, and a lot more confident.

7. Learn new things.

Channel your inner sexy goddess and pick up on a new hobby or skill. How about you try pole dancing for a change? Not only will you surprise yourself with your capabilities, but it will also tone your body and leave you fit and confident.