Pregnant in the hot summer months? Yes, you can still be stylish despite the heat! Don't worry about your summer style just because you're pregnant, in fact you can totally keep up with fashion. Read on to get unparalleled maternity style advice, and know how to survive a summer pregnancy in the most fashionable way.  

1. Choose lightweight summer maternity clothes.
Your key to survive a summer pregnancy is to choose lightweight maternity clothes. Stay cool and refreshed by wearing clothes made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen. Avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon, as they'll only make you sweat more and cause lots of discomfort. Another key factor to consider, is to go for light-colored clothes versus dark colored ones.

2. Show off your sweet baby bump.
While it's totally fine to live in easy breezy maternity clothes during summertime, however, a body-con dress or a top that embraces your baby bump will make you feel so sexy! Since it's wedding season, pick an evening gown in which you could proudly show off your baby bump.

3. Pick your footwear carefully!
Pregnant women's feet tend to swell, specially during the third trimester, so you need to invest in really comfortable shoes and sandals. Get yourself a cool pair of sneakers that you'll love to pair up with your maternity-wear, and you can also wear flat lace-up sandals, as they give you the chance to adjust them according to your preference.

4. Go for cool maternity swimwear.
You probably have a mindset that all maternity swimwear is boring, but you're so wrong! Nowadays, you can get your hands on super cool maternity swimwear. Explore fun and stylish swimwear options, like bikinis with frills and one-piece swimsuits with lace-up details. Having a stylish swimsuit and cover-up combo will certainly affect your mood in a positive way.

5. Replace your jeans with denim cut-offs.
Just like there's maternity jeans, there's maternity denim cut-offs! Wear your favorite summer tops with denim cut-offs, and don't let go of this popular holiday look. Denim cut-offs never go out of style, and they'd be a great addition to your summer pregnancy looks.

6. Accessorize all the way!
There's no doubt that accessories can add a lot to your outfit. Heading to the beach? Rock a straw hat, as it's one of the must-have accessories for the summer that will also guarantee you're protected from the sun heat. Also, a pair of cool sunglasses can help you add a stylish vibe to your look if you're wearing a simple outfit.

7. Keep your hair off your face.
The ultimate way to style your hair on a hot summer day? Keep it off your face, either by styling it in a top-knot bun or by weaving it into braids. That way you can beat the humidity and totally avoid a bad hair day!

8. Layer up your summer maternity clothes smartly.
If you're always moving between air-conditioned areas and direct sun exposure, you probably need to layer up smartly. Kimonos and denim shirts are a perfect choice, as they're lightweight but they'll give you a little bit of warmth when needed. Long vests are also a great idea to layer up your summer maternity clothes, specially when you want a more dressed up maternity look.

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