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How to Reduce Period Pain

Dalia Hosny
5/24/20, 12:00 AM

Oh, how to reduce period pain! Tell me about it... Tummy ache, cramps, mood swings, and nothing seems to relieve pain? Yes! I've been there. Menstrual pain is something that nearly every woman experiences. How to reduce period pain must be definitely a question in every girl's mind at some point. The pain that you might suffer from could be mild, severe or just neutral. Aside from medications and pain killers, there are ways that make you avoid going through a hard time. You don’t need to miss school or work; here are utterly simple ways on how to reduce period pain:

1. No Soda Drinks.

A minor change like cutting out on soda during your menstrual cycle can cut the caffeine intake in your body, hence reduce period pain gradually. According to many health experts, soda and its gas can encourage contractions as it can aid in bloating too. Avoid soda and other carbonated drinks, at least a week before your period, and you’ll notice major change. Replace soda with water to leave your body fresh and hydrated which will help reduce period pain. Carry a bottle of water with you if you’re out and about. Trust me, your body will thank you!

2. Move it!

You don’t feel like leaving the couch because of period pain? It has been a very common belief that staying in bed during your period can make you feel better. Big no! Exercises and workouts actually help in reducing period pain and menstrual cramps. Working out keeps your mind off from the pain, as it makes you get out of bed and feel a lot better.

3. Watch Your Food Intake.

Believe it or not, maintaining a healthy diet helps you control the intensity of your cramps, and helps reduce period pain. Food that's rich with fibers, present in vegetables and fruits help mediate muscle contractions. How to reduce period pain? More greens can actually act like pain relievers. Try to totally avoid junk food, too much sweets, heavy and high cholesterol food when you have your period. Not only is this food filled with salt that stores water in your body, but also it makes digestion a lot harder which initiates bloating.

4. Use Heating Pads.

Yes, your grandma was right! Heating pads or hot water bottles can actually help in reducing period pain. As much outdated as it seems, applying heat to the area of pain works as a great pain relief. Areas like your lower back and stomach are more vulnerable to cramps and pain, and this helps to ease muscles instantly. Hot baths can also help reduce period pain. Try it, it works like magic!

5. Keep Yourself Busy!

How to reduce period pain? Distract yourself from pain and keep your mind off your pain and hormonal changes. Treat yourself with a new pair of shoes, watch your favorite movie, gossip with your best friend or even spend some time on Facebook. Do something that will totally absorb your time and make you feel good about yourself in order to help reduce period pain. It’s time for some pampering! 


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