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You Won't Believe That These 9 Things Can Harm Your Vagina

Fustany Team
5/25/20, 12:00 AM

How much do you know about your vagina? Well, you might think that you know everything, but we bet that you're missing out on a lot of information! Show your lady parts more love, and know these 9 things that can harm your vagina.

1. Cleaning your vagina the wrong way.
Avoid using vaginal douches and cleaning with scented shower gels and body soaps. Your lady parts are so sensitive, and in fact, your vagina normally cleans itself by itself through vaginal discharge. You just have to maintain your hygiene, and to gently clean your private area with unscented soap and warm water.

2. Leaving pads and tampons for a long while.
When you're menstruating, you need to regularly change your pads or tampons to keep your vagina clean and healthy. No matter the intensity of your flow, refresh and use a new pad or tampon every 3 - 4 hours to avoid any bacterial infections.

3. Not changing your underwear!
Never ever skip a day without changing your underwear - at least once. Do you know what happens when you stay with dirty underwear? You can get yeast infection, itchy rash, urinary tract infection, vaginal irritation, and much more issues. As much as possible, try to wear all-cotton panties.

4. Also, wearing thongs all the time.
While we're still discussing panties, you'd be surprised to know that wearing thongs a lot can harm your vagina. Thongs can cause external irritation and help form skin tags around the thong lines.

5. Using oil-based lubricants during intercourse.
A water-based lubricant will always be the best choice while you're having sex with your husband, because they're better to use with condoms, and they don't disrupt the health of your vagina. 

6. How do you remove unwanted body hair down there?
By all means, avoid hair removal creams to get rid of unwanted body hair in your private parts. They're full of chemicals and so harsh on your sensitive skin. Other safer options can be shaving, sugaring or waxing.

7. Using scented toilet paper.
Yes! Scented toilet paper can give the same effect of scented soap and body wash, so stay away and avoid anything that can badly react with your skin. Odorless toilet paper is your substitute here!

8. Because you are what you eat...
The food you eat affects everything in your body, including your vagina! Consuming food that's high in sugar doesn't only make you gain more weight, it also increases your risk for vaginal yeast infections. Another thing that you need to know, is that almost every food that gives you bad breath, will also impact your vaginal odor, like onion, asparagus and broccoli, etc.

9. Leaving on your sweaty gym clothes.
Just finished your workout and got errands to do? Don't leave on your sweaty gym clothes, because this can harm your vagina! This can cause an imbalance in your vagina's pH level, and cause bacteria to grow due to the moist, warm environment.

Main Photo Credits: Zara Home



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