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| by The Fustany Team

What Your Underwear Says About You

Have you ever thought what your panty really says about you? Your underwear is surely lying down under so many layers, however, it tends to tell a lot about your personality! You could really be a different girl every day, just by picking your panties accordingly. Because your panties could say whether you're sexy or shy, learn what your underwear says about you... 

1. Granny panties

If you always go for this kind of underwear, you are probably the kind of girl who likes to stay comfortable all the time. You probably wear comfy over-sized clothes whenever you can. 

2. Sexy thong

You are one wild girl and you like to embrace your sexuality in every possible way. You are also pretty much comfortable about your body and always take extra care of yourself. 

3. Classic briefs

You are easy going and extremely friendly. You value comfort and you're not worried about what people think. However, you could get really shy at times and you don't like to take much risks. 

4. Bikini panties

You're one moderate girl who knows how to balance her life perfectly. You literally have two sides; a practical and a super sexy one. You're very sexy but you don't always like to show it! 

5. Patterned underwear

If you still go for underwear with smiley faces, flowers and letters on them, this probably means that you're a super duper girly girl and need to be more on the sexy side. It could be that you like to stay more on the safe side and don't really like to go for some change.

6. G-string

A girl who likes to wear g-string panties most of the time, means that she literally has nothing to hide. You are very outspoken and presentable and you rarely make bad decisions. You are almost loved by everyone and leave an impression wherever you go.

7. Shorts 

You're super cool and more chilled. You like to take your time and think through every decision you make. If you go out in underwear shorts, this means you like to be yourself and you wear very little makeup. 

8. Spanx

If you wear Spanx or similar shape wear most of the time, then this means you like to have things under control. You truly appreciate life but you need to worry less and enjoy doing wilder things. You always seek perfection hence you need to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Photo Credits: Lhcalligraphy.com

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