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| by Jasmine Kamal

Friday Fashion Fits: How to Choose the Right Short Lingerie Nightgown

Short nightgowns are really popular among a lot of women, especially in the summer. So, it was natural that your choice for the poll this week was short lingerie slips or babydolls. So, today we're talking about how to choose mini slips and babydolls, according to your needs...

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How the choose the perfect nightgown or mini slip:

Patterned Short Nightgowns


If you are a fan of patterns and different designs, even when it comes to your nightwear, try these dotted, printed and striped nighties. They're perfect if you love wearing something fresh and fun  and they usually come in really soft fabrics. These ones are from La Via en Rose.

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How to choose a Babydoll for sexy night in


For a sexy evening with the hubby, you can go for something a little sexier and more revealing. Go for short, lace, sheer or satin lingerie baby dolls, they're really flattering, sexy and feminine. Now  you can pick just pick the color you prefer. These sexy ones are available at Victoria's Secret.

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Curvy Girl Babydoll


If you're a curvy girl or you have a big bust, you will find the most comfortable and sexiest babydolls are the ones that give a lot of support in the chest area and then flare out. They accentuate the body nicely, highlighting your beautiful curves, but remember the most important thing is for them to be comfy to sleep in, if you'd like. You'll find these at Spicy Lingerie.

Maternity Lingerie and Night Gowns


Being pregnant shouldn't mean that you can't wear sexy mini slips and nightgowns. However, in order to stay comfortable, there are a few things to look for when choosing one. The abdominal area will very sensitive, so it is best to go for a cotton one or something open at the stomach. Also, make sure they're loose at the belly and they're not too tight in any way.

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