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Here's How to Keep Your Sexy Lingerie on for a Longer Time During Sex

Fustany Team
7/2/18, 12:00 AM

Girls, we know how fun and sexy lingerie shopping can be. We put time, effort and A LOT of money into buying sexy, beautiful lingerie sets. What a waste for them to be thrown on the floor after 1 minute of making out with your husband, right?

We're sure your mind has gone through this a million times; "How can I have my lingerie on for a longer time during sex?" "Is it always going to be taken off right away?" Some women even feel sexier in their lingerie than they do naked. It highlights our best features and adds a touch of spiciness to the foreplay. Also, ladies, it could extend your period of foreplay.

Here are some tips on how you can make use of your money, effort and sexiness:

1. Buy open panties or body suits or slips that open from underneath. That way, you give your hubby access to the necessary area so you don't have to take it off at all during the entire time you're having sex.

2. Wear lingerie that is really REALLY exposing. With having everything out in the open, you both won't feel the need to take off anything.

3. Extending foreplay. You don't need to be naked right away. Play and mess around a little with sex games before getting down to business. Learn how to seduce and tease your man so you prolong foreplay as much as possible with your sexy lingerie on.

4. Wear a piece that is too complicated, that your hubby won't be able to unhook easily it even if he wanted to. This is a more sly way to get your way in bed and will most likely cause a couple of evil laughs on your end.

5. Wear a lot of layers. Sexy layers! So, by the time he has reached the final layer, you would have had the satisfaction of having worn your lingerie for a long time.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @chiaraferragni


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