The things that go on between a man and a woman in the bedroom, should remain in the bedroom. However, every now and then we need to direct some lost souls and give them a few tips. There are things you should never ever do during sex; so for the sake of your sex life, your relationship and your marriage, just don't do these...

 1. Don't call out the wrong name.

If there is one thing you should never ver do during sex, it’s saying the wrong name. Do we really need to tell you the consequences of this mistake? If you don't know, then you deserve what's coming to you. 

2. Don't say thank you!

We know ‘please’ and ‘thank you are the magic words’ but for the sake of your relationships, this is another thing you should never do during sex. You did not hire your man for a night, this was a consensual act! If you want to praise him, choose other complimentary words.

3. Refrain from giving out orders.

We can’t stress this enough, communication is key, but when it comes to communicating during or about sex, you need to be very careful. You should never ever give orders during sex. This isn't a sex education lesson. If you don't like something, you need to direct your man subtly, not order him.

4. Don't rush it...

You know the saying that says, ‘Good things come to those who wait,’ well this applies to sex too. Something you should never do during sex is rush it. So, if you have an appointment or something pressing, trying to push it or push you sexy time with your hubby for after. Sex is not meant to be rushed.

5. Don't be selfish!

Sharing is caring people. Since you had yourself a very good time, you need to reciprocate some action.

6. Don't over fake it.

Something you should never do during sex is fake it. Your partner should really know you and your body, which means he will probably know if you faked it or worse he may think that your sex life is going great since he is facing no complaints and you are faking it. I 

7. Don't treat sex like porn.

No, you most certainly cannot bend like that, so don't force your body. Porn is superficial, while sex between you and your partner is personal and intimate.

8. Never answer mail or calls! 

We don’t think we need to mention something as crazy as this that you should never ever do during sex. But, just in case, you should no this is a big NO NO!

9. Don't forget to kiss.

There is a lot that happens during sex, but we feel the need to remind you to never forget to kiss your partner. It’s a very intimate and loving and will only ignite more passion between the both of you.

10. Don't get up instantly after you’re done.

While this isn’t something you should never do during sex, but it’s something you never do after sex. You don’t want to make your partner feel used, and more importantly studies have shown that it is actually healthy for the relationship to cuddle after sex.

Main Image Credits: Movie - Friends with Benefits