One of the secrets of having a happy marriage, is to be a married couple who's always working together on your relationship. A key factor to achieve that, is to be loving and caring partners, which will eventually result in being happily married husbands and wives.

We notice that a lot of women know their roles in marriage, and few men sometimes fail to understand that. So what qualities should a husband have or how should he act to be a good man to his wife? That's why we've summed up a few points to guide men, help them support their wives, and be understanding partners.

1. A good man is kind. He appreciates and values his wife, and he makes her happy by fully understanding that having a healthy and strong relationship requires a lot of work. Communication, a lot of love, care, and mutual help to each other are all vital!

2. A good man shares responsibility. He can make his wife happy by helping her out in all aspects of life, whether she works or not. A gesture like helping her out with house chores will make her feel more relaxed, and a stress-free woman can do wonders to keep her man happy too.

3. A good man listens. You can sit down with her, know her worries, and help her figure a way to solve a work-related problem or even hear her rant about a friend. These types of gestures make a woman feel safe, and assured that you’re there for her. Safety means a lot to women, more than they express it.

4. A good man is supportive. He would go the extra mile to help her achieve her dreams. And don't underestimate cheering, cheering for your wife's achievements makes her feel loved and appreciated. And in difficult times, he would be there for her, helping her get back up again on her feet with kind and supportive words. 

5. A good man is sweet. Men, we showed women many ways to say cute things to you and many ways to pamper you, so why not do the effort and remind her every now and then that you truly love her. Never ever be abusive, whether emotionally or physically!

6. A good man understands emotional security. Happy wives have husbands who give them attention and emotional support when they need it, you’re her shelter and the love of her life; she expects so much of you. A woman also appreciates the little thoughtful things, like taking her out to her favorite restaurant or preferring to spend the night in with her instead of going out with your friends.

7. A good man is a good father. If you have kids, you're equally responsible for their upbringing. Always talk with your wife about how you want to raise your kids, and provide her with all the strength she needs in tough times, specially as a new mother. Make sure to love them unconditionally!

8. A good man commits. Through thick and thin, don't give up and always try to be the best version of yourself. When you feel something is wrong, speak and open up, instead of walking away or disrespecting your wife. Don't be afraid to show a vulnerable side, so be honest.

To wrap up, a happy wife truly means a happy life, because when a woman is happy and in love, she’ll be giving and she’ll do her best to make you happy too.