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| by Nada Allam

Seven Simple Rules to Spoil Your Man

Wondering how to spoil your manMen and women are wired differently, we all know that. A simple example, the reaction a women has from some roses is most definitely not the same as if you were to give a man roses, unless he has a thing for flowers and plants, and with that you're a very lucky girl. There is an ongoing debate between men and women, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends and it never seems to get solved. 

One party continually argues that you can easily spoil a man, while the other party completely refutes the argument and the rebuttal begins. The fact is that, men and women are different in their own ways and need to be cared for differently. So ladies, we rounded up eight simple tips on how to spoil your man that will go a long way. They should be pampered and spoiled too right?

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1. Join his game

Boys and their toys! Whether it is PlayStation, gadgets etc…boys really love to play with their toys. If you're not into playing games, how about trying it out, there are a lot of online games nowadays that are actually quite entertaining. Trying giving their games a chance, you might enjoy it. 

Why not play some PlayStation or Xbox with your man for a night. You might not win a lot at first, but you sure will have a laugh and he will definitely appreciate the effort you put. Grab that joystick and bring on a little friendly competition. This certainly works perfectly on ideas you can do to spoil your man. 

2. They're really simple

Simplicity goes a long way with men. A lot of men appreciate kindness and thoughtfulness the most. Cook him his favorite meal or even order in from his favorite restaurant It's a small gesture, but it will go a long way. 

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3. Put an effort with his friends

When two people meet, there is a period in which he meets your friends, you meet his friends and the little acquaintances begin. Why don't you exert the extra effort and spoil your man by building a relationship with his close friends? Before you came along, these people were very important to him, and if they are important to him, they should be extremely important to you. Plus, once they become your friends, they will help you out a lot when shopping for his birthday gifts. 

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4. Sports

Men love soccer, basketball, or whatever sport seems to be trending nowadays. A super easy way to spoil your man is to bond with him during a game. You can go for a nice gesture and get him his favorite player's jersey, and print his name and lucky number on it. 

5. Game night

The sports season began and every Saturday night your man insists on staying home to watch the game. Now you might find the game to be quite boring, and you would much rather be out with your friends or doing something else. But why not turn game night into date night every once in a while. 

Spoil your man and make him feel special by picking a place with good food and a TV, or even prepare a night of his favourite snacks and drinks and sit through the entire game with him. Just cheer for the team he is cheering for, it would mean a lot to him. 

6. Career

His career is a very important thing to him. He wants to be successful to make a good living and be able to abide by his responsibilities. Every stepping stone in his career is important, whether it is a promotion, raise or even just being awarded employee of the month. 

Celebrate that success, and be a proud woman by his side, just as he should with your milestones as well. Celebrate each others success. He also deserves that pat on the back and your eternal support through whatever tough time he's going through in their work. 

7. A smile and kindness

Be a bright ray of sunshine in his life. Make him happy and be someone he's excited to see because of you bring joy and positivity to his day. Spoil your man and make him feel loved. The power of a smile or a kind word is very underestimated. Some days he could really need it. So be each other's form of escape from life and its problems. 

If you're reading this, I dare you to take on one of these seven simple rules to spoil your man and apply them, it's time for a little happiness I must say.

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