Long distance relationships are really hard and what is even harder is that they're sexually frustrating. You constantly need romantic ideas for your long distance relationship and after a while you run out of things to do, get bored and nothing is enough to keep things sexy when you're apart. So how to keep a long distance relationship hot? Being intimate in a long distance relationship requires patience but you can do it if you're both willing and dedicated.

So, how about you try these 20 ways to keep things sexy during your long distance relationship:

1. Master the Sexting

Now is the time to really dedicate yourselves to sexting. Yes, we know it can be frustrating but it can also be really exciting and hot. Be very explicit and descriptive with what you want to do to each other. Visualizing them there with you will help. If you're turned on and thinking about them, the words will come naturally.

2. Surprise each other with steamy texts

Imagine waking up to a sexy text or sitting bored at a meeting and finding a short but sweet sexy message expressing how much you're missed. This will get you both really excited especially if one of you is coming home soon.

3. Sex Playlist

Send them a list of sexy or intimate songs that remind you of each other. Or make a playlist of the songs that you usually listen to during sex. It will trigger the excitement and really help when it comes to the next tip...

4. Phone Sex

Your daily phone call is important and necessary for your relationship, so you can catch up and tell each other about your day in detail. You can take it to the next level and start flirting with each other. You can even set the mood in your room, so you can feel sexy. Close your eyes and imagine them there with you, get comfortable and let them know how you're feeling and what you want.

5. Don't let the special occasions pass by...

If a birthday, anniversary, holiday or even your regular date night day comes up, don't ignore it. Dress up, decorate your space, set the mood and start a video call. We know a virtual date night isn't ideal but it's better than no date night at all. Talk to each other and flirt just like you would if you were together.

6. Lingerie

You can even take it to the next level, put on and show off the lingerie he likes on you, if you're feeling frisky you can even show off a little more.

7. Count Down

Start a countdown till the days you have left to see each other. It will really help with the patience and it will excite you.

8. How many days apart?

For every day you were apart, add a sex game on your list for you try when you're back together.

9. Get playful and tease each other

Flirt and tease each other all day. You can even act hard to get (even though you are literally hard to get), it will really turn both of you on and make things a lot steamier when you finally get to be together. 

10. Put in the effort

It's really hard, especially if it's not just a short trip but a long one. There will come days when you really just can't put in the effort and try and that's okay. You can just try to remind yourself and each other every now and then to put some effort and keep things intimate as much as you can.

11. Love/Sex Letter

Write them a long letter that is well thought out and beautifully written, expressing how much you miss them and how much you can't wait for them to be back so you can do...

You can even create a short story or scenarios of the both of you. It would be romantic, memorable and sexy.

12. Long distance makes reunions so hot...

Try to remind each other that when you finally get reunited again everything is going to be 10x better. It would be like another honeymoon. You will be all loved up, the sex will be great and your intimacy levels will be fired up.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @intimissimiofficial