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15 Romantic Ways to Spend Your First Wedding Anniversary

Fustany Team
5/20/20, 12:00 AM

Is your first wedding anniversary approaching, and you don't know how to spend it? Wedding anniversaries are such a great opportunity to break the routine, and truly reignite the flames of your love! Whether you're a hopeless romantic or not, you'll love these 15 romantic ways to spend your first wedding anniversary.

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We know that marking down your first year of marriage is a milestone that's worthy of a romantic celebration. After a year full of love, fun, hard work and married couple issues, you'll want to always remember it in a special (non-cliche) way, so take a look at these ideas for things to do for first wedding anniversary, including how to celebrate an anniversary at home.

1. Take a walk down memory lane 

Bring out your wedding day photo albums, wedding day video, and remember each moment that happened on that very special day. You'll definitely get that warm feeling inside, along with some wide smiles on your faces.

2. Have a (deluxe!) breakfast in bed

Want to treat your better half on your first wedding anniversary? Your partner will absolutely love having a luxurious breakfast in bed. Try waffles or pancakes, along with a refreshing juice, a sweet treat like brownies, and then top that off with a sexy treat. Like what? Some action in bed after devouring the delicious breakfast!

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3. Return to your wedding night suite

We're back to reminiscing here, and we recommend you to go back to your wedding suite; the place where you spent your first night as husband and wife. This would also be a perfect spot to up your sex game and spend some time making love.

4. Go for a little getaway

One of the most romantic ways to spend your first wedding anniversary is to go for a little getaway. Make the experience more thrilling by shutting off your phones and just enjoy each other's company for that short period. Spend quality time together, and just forget about your everyday busy life.

5. Recreate your first date!

Just go back to where it all started! How did you meet your partner, and when was the first time you went out on a date? Recreate that, as there's nothing more romantic than remembering how your hearts starting bonding and your minds started clicking.

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6. Try out something together, for the first time

Book a dancing class, go on hot air balloon ride, attend a cooking class, take an online course together. These are just a few ideas of activities you can do together for the first time. Down the line after many years pass on, you'll always remember that first time you did that thing together!

7. Plan for a special photo-shoot session

To commemorate your first wedding anniversary in a romantic way, plan for a special photo-session, even if you do it yourselves at home with your phones. When you're done, you can frame the photos in your home, and that will be such a sweet memory. 

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8. Prepare customized anniversary gifts

There's something so special about customized gifts. Right? Instead of buying him the latest tech gadget, go for a more thoughtful gift. Write each other something, draw quirky self portraits or make a scrapbook with your favorite memories from your first year of marriage.

9. Have a romantic picnic date

Picnic dates are such a romantic idea to spend your first wedding anniversary. Being outdoors, watching the stars and feeling the breeze will just create the perfect romantic mood, even if it's just on your balcony. 

10. Create an indoors spa

Spas have this very romantic appeal. Why not create your very own indoors spa at home? Set the mood with scented candles, prepare some essential oils for massaging and fill up that tub with hot water. You'll both enjoy this romantic and exhilarating experience!

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11. Just spend all day in bed

Is there really anything better than spending all day in bed, and spending it with your partner. Comfy pjs, the occasional makeout session, random questions, intimate talks and then of course Netflix. 

12. Cook for each other

Plan a dinner date at home, except this time you each get to cook something special for the other person. 

13. Dance

It might sound cheesy, but actually putting on your favorite music and dancing around the house being goofy or romantic with a slow dance (maybe your first dance song) is guaranteed to put you both in a good mood and give you an anniversary night to remember. 

14. Write each other a letter

Write each other a list of all the things you've learned from the other person in the past year. It's a beautiful, romantic and healthy relationship gesture to show gratitude and appreciation.

15. Actually ask the other person what they're idea of a perfect 1st anniversary is...

Yup, that simple and create for them.

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