Phone calls between couples bring both a lot of good and bad things. Sometimes they enhance the relationship and help it grow, but a lot of times they just cause problems and arguments. Let me admit that I thought I was the problem, until I realized that a lot of my friends were complaining from the same thing. 

Most of us complain and hate the same things about long phone calls with our partner. The men also find these things annoying and frustrating, so we're all on the same page, but we tend to both skip out on telling each other how we actually feel about them. So, today I decided to finally talk about it out loud, so we can all be open about how we really feel towards long phone calls

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1. Long Silences

In the beginning of a relationship between any two people, there are endless things to talk about  because you're still getting to know each other. However, as time goes by, you sometimes feel blocked with nothing to say to each other. So you have these long pauses and silences during a phone call that are just really irritating.

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2. Arguing on the phone

It is normal for a couple to disagree when they're having a conversation, but what I really hate is when it turns into a fight over the phone. I can immediately tell that things are only getting worse, and I feel trapped. I can't see him, his facial expressions or even his body language and so assumptions are made and misunderstandings happen.

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3. The routine questions

I remember I once told my partner very angrily that I couldn't stand the daily questions that are repeated every single day with even the same answers. Like, how are you, how was work, what are you doing....He also said they bothered him, however, since we both never said anything we just kept on sticking to the script.

4. Waiting for them to finish something...

How many times were you on the phone with your partner and they told you to give them a minute, as they went to finish something or had a mini conversation with their mom, boss, or friend. A LOT. We all do it without realizing that it could be bothering the other person and that it is completely unnecessary. We could just end the phone call and call them back when we're done.

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5. The noise!

There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone on the phone and hearing incredibly loud noises around them. You lose focus of what you wanted to say and you get easily irritated and angry.

6. Making wrong decisions

For me, making plans on the phone is just like when you make hasty decisions when you're angry or really happy. Both are done without taking your time to think and the result is not always the best. For example, he might ask me to go out tonight and I would happily agree and make plans with him, only to remember when we get off the phone that I already had plans and I shouldn't have rushed into it.

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7. Routine calls

It is not only the routine questions that I hate but also the calls. What really gets to me is that I hate feeling like our phone calls are a duty or task that we have to do everyday at a specific time. It loses its meaning and emotion and becomes something we do because we're used to doing it or we have to do it.

8. I'm doing all the talking!

There is always one person who's doing more of the talking, opening up topics and asking all the questions. But eventually, they'll get bored and tired from the other person not showing any enthusiasm.

9. Falling asleep

Usually long phone calls are at the end of a long hard day. When long pauses take over the phone, one of us is bound to get sleepy and maybe even actually fall asleep! This unfortunately can make the other person feel slightly concerned...

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10. Why do we not always end it with a little romance? 

I think it's beautiful when you end a phone call with "I love you" or "I'll miss you". It brings a lot of positivity and really brightens my mood. Who said there's anything wrong with a little romance?

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