Do you consider yourself a jealous person? I don't mean generally in life, but rather when you're in a relationship. Are you?

Well, my answer to that question would normally be a big NO, I'm more of a very chilled person who believes in mutual trust, but somehow things changed a bit. Maybe once you're done reading through, you'd understand better why I turned into a crazy jealous person. Let's see!

So last time I told you about me and Billy exchanging What's App messages, I kind of ended things awkwardly once he mentioned the name Nathalie. So who is she? Yes, you've guessed it right. Nathalie is Billy's ex-girlfriend and apparently she's now back in town after having lived in Belgium for the past few years. So since my last post to you guys, I can safely tell you that my life kind of turned upside down. Nathalie texted Billy letting him know she was back for good and asking to see him. Ughh, I really didn't like where this was going! It always starts like this, doesn't it?

But let’s give Billy some credit; at least, I was glad he was talking to me freely about it and he didn’t feel like he should be hiding anything from me. But, honestly I wasn’t amused at all to be hearing that she’s back.

Let me tell you a bit more about Nathalie so you can later on agree with me on why we do NOT like her. Nathalie, with the long curly black hair, green eyes and long skinny legs, made guys turn around for her whenever she stepped into the room. She gave this attitude of ‘always knowing best’ and being just too damn confident. Since the very early days when we were in school and guys somehow loved that attitude, but soon enough she drove them away, because she was too independent. Or is it that she always just looked out for what’s best for her without considering the people around her as a priority in her life? This is Nathalie, the woman who broke my Billy’s heart, just because she decided she needed to leave the country to finish off her masters in Belgium in Advertising. 

It's not that she left, it's more of how she left! Trust me, I'm all for women’s rights to pursue their academic or professional career path. Billy and Nathalie had been together for four years and both agreed on not rushing into an official commitment just yet, but not because they weren’t sure they wanted to eventually commit. They were pretty serious about each other and both of their families knew about it. It is that one day she came with the news of being accepted into this University in Belgium and decided she was leaving in 1 month. Billy couldn't be happier for her, though it was just 1 month away. He was just about to start talking to her about how they should arrange trips to visit each other more often. I remember him telling me how he started blabbering about doing a Euro trip together, but to his surprise she didn't tell him about the masters so they'd arrange for fun trips, but rather to end things with him. It didn't make sense to her to go for a long distance relationship. Seems like she didn't even care enough to give it a try!

I knew how special she was to Billy back then and especially when he once admitted (before we were together) that he doesn't think he'll ever be able to love someone that much again. He certainly had a weak spot for Nathalie, but I hoped to God that with me in his life now, he forgot all about her.

My phone rang to bring me back to reality land.

Billy: Hey babe!

Me: Heyyy, how are you?

Billy: I'm fine, couldn't be better. But I miss you!

Me: Yeah so do I. Let's do something today?

Billy: Sure, I just need to go out to meet some of my friends for Iftar and then I'll pass by. What do you feel like doing?

Me: Friends who?

Billy: From school.

Me: Oh! So I can't come?

Billy: Of course you can if you want to, but we'll be guys so I didn't think you'd be interested.

Me: Oh ok, then have fun. Call me afterwards we can go grab some ice-cream. Love you!

For a moment there I had my doubts that he would be hanging out with Nathalie, but he has been honest with me since the beginning about her, so why would he hide anything now? But then again, I kind of gave him a hard time once I knew she was back for good. It's just that she keeps on sending him messages, commenting everywhere and calling him all the freaking time. He even told her he's in a relationship just to make it clear to her that they'll only be friends, in case she had any other thoughts in her head. Guess she didn't take no for an answer! So that's why I started acting up whenever her name came up, even if it was him just telling me to keep me in the loop and be honest. It annoyed the hell out of me!

Luci you are a confident beautiful woman, who shouldn't be intimidated from this *****. Billy loves me and I trust him, right? It's just that I don't trust her! All these thoughts rushed through my mind. When did I ever become this insecure? And why obsess about it so much? Then I remembered the wise words of my mom about how obsessing about losing something will eventually result in actually losing it. 

A few hours passed and Billy called to tell me he'll be passing by in a few. So I got dressed and waited for him patiently. We cruised around as usual, got some junk food and then ice-cream as both of us didn't have much for Iftar. He was super cute, I guess he picked up on me being a bit insecure and trying to reassure me. Now how amazing is this guy! I don't think I should be obsessing about that girl anymore. I'll force myself to stop thinking about her being back and throwing herself at my Billy.

Just as we were making fun of Habiba's relationship with the fifty something guy, Billy's phone lit up 5 times, indicating 5 What's App messages from someone. 

Me: Why do you have your phone on silent?

Billy: Is it? Oh I guess it's acting up because the battery's low.

He connected it into the car's charger and I couldn't help but take a sneak peek at the screen when it lit again. To my shock, I could only read three things:

1) Nathalie… 

2) Hey babe…

3) It was awesome seeing you today!

For a second there I was in complete shock. "It was awesome seeing you today" said the message, I'm sure! I looked at Billy and he could see how speechless I was. 

Me: What the hell! You saw her today?

To be continued…

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