With each year passing by people get less and less excited about their school reunions, or maybe only a few of them decide it's worth it to attend those events. Anyway, so a few days ago, the whole class of 2004 was invited for a reunion, which included Billy, Mona and myself as we went to the same school. Though I'm in touch with lots of the people I still care about in school, I wasn't that excited to make an appearance, but felt rather the need to be there. Why? Well, of course the obvious, Nathalie wasn't going to miss this!

When I told you last week how much I disliked her, you can now safely scratch that and add the word hate her instead. Who does she think she is going after Billy like that and not giving a shit he's with me now. You snooze, you loose *****, and she had her chance with him!

So the three of us, Billy, Mona and I arrived together to school, where the reunion was taking place. I couldn't help the big smile on my face as I started seeing people I haven't talked to for like forever. Even if some weren't my favorite back in school, but now you'd still feel the bond we shared. I looked around, right and left, no sign of Nathalie. Maybe she's fashionably late to make quite an entrance (very much her style!) or perhaps she's not planning on showing up, which would be awesome!

For a second there, I remembered my fight with Billy last week. It was one of the biggest ones we've had by far!

Me: What the hell! You saw her today?

He just looked at me for a second as if he was searching for the right words to use, not knowing that I was running out of patience and he had to speak up and explain himself soon.

Billy: Yes, I did, but it's not what you think. I was going out with the guys and I happened to run into her by coincidence, that's all!

Me: And why should I even believe that? If it was true, you would have told me about it. You wouldn't have hidden it.

Billy: I'm an idiot! I have nothing else to say, I'm terribly sorry, I swear! It's just that her name has been annoying the hell out of you lately and I didn't want you to think that I actually went out with her while I didn't. Please tell me you believe me?

It didn't quite make sense to me when he told me that last week, and I didn't talk to him for a complete day, I just needed to get away from all of this drama. When did I ever get into a relationship when the guy I'm in love with thought it was a good idea to lie about seeing his ex. It's all about the trust, isn't it? And of course I gave him a hard time about letting her call him hey babe, hey babe his ***! Wake up Nathalie, you've left for a few years and things have changed around here! And just as I completed that thought, I could see her walking in. Great, I'm turning my ***** attitude on!

Billy may have noticed the look I gave her from afar, so he made sure to stay on my good side and keep me entertained with some fun jokes about one of the guys he was speaking to. And then she came!

Nathalie: Hey babe (she greeted Billy with two kisses!)

Billy: Hello!

She didn't even look at me, how rude!

Billy: You do of course remember Luci, my girlfriend!

Nathalie: Barely! Hey Luci...

Is it time to give her the finger just yet? I decided to behave instead, after all it's Ramadan!

Nathalie: So what are you doing after this? (she asked looking at Billy)

Billy: Luci and I have plans!

Nathalie: That's a pity! I thought we could do something together. Maybe another time then.

Luci, where the hell did your tongue go. So many responses to what she had just said flew through my head, here and there, but none of them actually made it outside of my head.

Mona: Hey guys!

Luci: Happy to see you. 

Mona looked around for a second and I could say she realized what was going on, after all she's a smart girl!

Nathalie: Hey Mona, how have you been?

Mona: Good good! What brings you back?

Nathalie: I decided it was time to come back. I've missed a lot of people here.

Mona: Oh, that's sweet! I hope they missed you too.

Woho! Mona I love you. Seriously, she did have a wild side whenever she felt the need to protect one of her friends.

Nathalie: What do you mean?

Mona: Nothing, just a joke!

Billy: Have you guys seen the food?

Nathalie: Oh yeah, I'm starving! You want me to make a plate for you?

Me: Now why would he want that?

I finally said something, hallelujah! She looked at me, as if I had no right to say what I just did.

Nathalie: I'm just trying to help.

Me: Well babe, he got it covered, no need for your help!

And with that I gave her my mean/devilish smile and walked away from her. Mona followed and apparently it took Billy a minute and then he did as well. I tried to ignore her presence throughout the reunion, and doing the extra effort to speak to everyone just to keep my mind off of things. I really discussed so many useless things with let's say the whole class of 2004, from jobs, pets, the menu that was forced on us...etc. I was looking around the room for Mona, when suddenly my eyes met with Nathalie's. You know when they say time freezes? Well, it really felt that way! If I may have had any doubts that there might be a slight chance of her perhaps not flirting with Billy but trying to be extra nice because she was sorry about what she did to him, then they have fully disappeared. If you could only see the way she looked at me! I could tell a lot by the look, it was as if she was saying: "He's mine, you'll see!"

I got sick to my stomach! Who the hell does she think she is? Seriously, she's by far the most self centered person I have ever seen.

Billy: Luci, are you alright?

Me: I don't feel that well. Maybe I should leave.

Billy: Sure, let's leave. Let me get Mona.

And with that he disappeared among the crowd to get Mona, who was apparently singing in the karaoke competition. Her voice doesn't suck that badly, she's actually good!

Nathalie: You don't look that well! I didn't know me being here would make you feel so insecure!

Me: Where did you come from? Seriously, I think you need to get a life!

Nathalie: I have one!

Me: Great, then consider spending some more time in yours and get the hell out of mine.

Nathalie: See the problem is, I couldn't give a shit about you. Never did and not going to start to now.

Me: Then we're both on the same page. Yalla, go waist your valuable time talking to someone else!

Nathalie: Not before I tell you this! Billy and I have and will always be an amazing couple. I don't care that he made the mistake of spending time with you because I was away, but now I'm back and things will change. I want to be part of his life whether you like it or not and I'll make sure this happens!

Me: Have you even heard how many times you used the word "I"? That says a lot about you. And as for Billy, he's a big boy who's capable of making his own decisions. Miss "I" if you shall excuse me, I've really got more important people to talk to.

And with that Billy and Mona showed up, just at the perfect time!

Mona: Let's go Luci?

Me: Yup!

Nathalie: Was great seeing you guys.

Me: Of course it was!

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