I ended things last time telling you about what Nathalie told me during the school reunion and since then I've been really furious at her. Maybe I should have punched her in the face, of course that's not appropriate, but I really felt like doing it! Anyway, a couple of days later I kind of forgot about it and her, but let's face it that doesn't mean she wasn't going to pop up again and annoy me.

Monday morning as I was just about to dive into work, my phone rings and it's a number I don't know.

Me: Hello?

Voice on the other end: Hey! How are you?

Me: Fine. Sorry who is this?

Voice on the other end: Don't say you don't recognize me. I feel offended hehe

Me: Hmmm, sorry I still don't know who you are.

Voice on the other end: It's Nathalie!

Me: Oh! Where did you get my number?

Nathalie: From Billy! He gave it to me.

Me: Okay. So what's up?

Nathalie: See, I wanted to apologize for my childish behavior at the reunion. I really didn't mean to upset you nor say those things. The truth is, I shouldn't have been that naive to think when I finally make it home, Billy would be still waiting for me. I want him in my life, of course now as friends since you guys are together. So to cut things short, I apologize!

Me: I didn't see that coming to be honest.

Nathalie: Well, I mean it and I hope you find it in you to forgive me. I really want us to be friends too. By the way I'm throwing a party or a get together this Wednesday and it would mean the world to me if you and Billy can make it. I'll also call Mona shortly.

She talked a bit about trying to find an exciting job and then we hung up. Seriously what's up with the double personality thing she has going on? Am I supposed to believe her now? Or is she really telling the truth? I'm confused!

So the next day I go to work early as I had tons to do and Amr tells me that we had to take a few job interviews for the new opening we posted about a week ago. Oh shit, more time wasted without finishing what I actually had to get done for this week. We interviewed two girls, one of which I liked and the other I didn't see fitting at all, so I crossed a X infront of her name. Not our material, we don't need more bimbos at the office, Sahar is enough!

Amr: We have two more to go and then we can make our decision!

Me: Great, then I'm off to finish the rest of my work.

"Good morning!", said a very familiar voice walking into the meeting room. I looked up and couldn't close my mouth out of shock apparently. What was SHE doing here? This can't be true. That's just too much.

Nathalie: Hi Luci, I'm so glad to see you're the one doing the interview.

I looked at Amr and then looked back at her. Yes, it was very obvious I was still speechless and searching for the right words to use. Something like, what the hell are you doing here or are you stalking me or perhaps is that the reason why you were that nice to me over the phone were the first thoughts to pop into my head.

Me: Hey, didn't know you applied for the opening. You didn't mention anything about it.

Nathalie: Yeah, I saw Billy sharing your post about the job on Facebook, so of course I didn't hesitate to apply. It would be awesome for us to work together, wouldn't it?

Brain freeze, seriously! I tried to be as professional and unbiased as I could while filling her form, giving her fair grades, but I couldn't. Enough is enough.

Once she was done with her interview she told Amr about the party she was hosting at her home, trying to be extra friendly to secure the job I guess. He was a bit hesitant at first but as soon as she mentioned that both myself and Billy are going, which I hadn't confirmed yet, he agreed right away. Brilliant NOT! I called up Billy right away to share with him a piece of my mind.

Me: Hey babe, how are you?

Billy: I'm fine and you? Crazy day!

Me: Trust me, it couldn't be crazier than mine.

Billy: What's up?

Me: Guess who walked in for an interview at the office just a few minutes ago?

Billy: Who?

Me: Nathalie. Can you believe it? Not just that but she claims she wants me and her to be good friends. I would never believe that after what she told me at the reunion. Billy that girl really annoys me!

Billy: Babe, chill a bit. She's not as bad as you think she is. She can be too much at times, but once you know her well, you'll really like her.

Me: But what if I don't want to?

Billy: Then you don't have to, but she's one of my good friends and since she's back you can try to do that for me.

At that moment I knew it wouldn't be that easy to convince him how evil that girl is, but I guess time would tell. I just hope she wouldn't ruin things between Billy and me, until he finally figures out what she's trying to do.

So the day of the party came and Billy picked Mona and myself up. Today, I shall be all fake. If that what it takes then I'm ready for her, she really has no clue who she's up against. We walk in and I find a few friends from school and Amr. He greeted me with a big hug and Billy just looked at me shocked. Billy and I sat on the other corner of the room.

Billy: What is he doing here?

Me: Nathalie invited him after the interview.

Nathalie: Oh, I thought he's nice. Didn't know he bothers you that much Billy.

Me: It doesn't bother him, he knows how much I adore him and only him.

I winked at her with a huge smile on my face. The problem is, both Nathalie and I were using the same technique, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but the question is who would win at that game? Only time will tell!

I kept my eyes on her the whole night, I guess she thought flirting with Billy (as if I didn't notice that) in addition to flirting with Amr would piss me off. What I did instead was act all cool and keep socializing and engage in some fun conversations. She loved to be the center of attention, and therefore stealing her thunder was a great idea to annoy her.

Amr walked towards me saying: "I think she fits perfectly for the job. I like her!"

Me: Like her as in like her for the job or for dating? Hehe

Amr: Does it matter to you?

Me: I'm just asking to see if you'll hire her because she's qualified or just because it's fun to be around her.

Amr: No, of course because she's qualified. But it's fun to be around you!

I blushed! He never fails to remind me how sweet he is. But just as a friend, don't get me wrong.

Me: Great, then if so please keep her in Sahar's department, I'd love to see how those two would get along.

Amr: I was actually thinking she would be your assistant. It's clear you don't like her, even if you're faking it, but I know you too well.

Me: I'm trying to ignore her existence, that's all.

Amr: Well, you can't. Billy seems to really care about her. It's obvious from the way he looks at her.

Me: But Amr, please I won't be able to tolerate her. I would really appreciate if you could put her into another department.

Amr: But you said you need help with the London project.

Me: Youssef is of great help.

Amr: Yeah, but he's taking a month off, remember?

Me: Ok up to you.

Amr: Oh you look upset. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her and it's also a great way for you to keep your enemies closer. Think about it and let me know what you decide.

Me: Do I even have a say in this?

Amr: Of course you do!

I looked to the other corner of the room and found her giggling with Billy, they looked like they're having the time of their lives and for a moment there, I felt like a complete outsider. Any ideas of how I should get rid of her? I really don't want her in my life!

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