Women are known to be the best detectives ever. Not just detectives, but we can always sense when something is wrong especially when it comes to the man we love. And yes, I'm writing to you now to tell you about my downs with Billy, so get ready for it!

Picture this, I'm sitting with Billy in the car and we're talking here and there and all of a sudden his mobile starts beeping, a message or a What's App probably, he grabs his mobile pretty quick, looks at it and then puts it far away from me. Okay fine, maybe he's not doing it on purpose. Maybe I'm just too paranoid as I've been like that ever since Nathalie made an appearance into his life and mine again. We then decide which restaurant to go grab lunch at, and I order my favorite pasta and his mobile starts beeping again, this time he looks again and turns his mobile with the screen facing the table.

Me: Don't you want to take that?

Billy: Nahhh, not important now. I want to enjoy my time with you.

Ohhh, that's so sweet of him! Right? We talk a bit more about the new motorcycle he wants to buy and then his phone rings. He doesn't even bother to pick it up to see who's calling. Okay, something's fishy here! I know him best, that's not the way he normally acts.

Me: Babe, feel free to answer. Seems like something important!

Billy: No it's not!

Me: How do you know if you're not even looking who's calling you. It could be important.

Billy: I really don't feel like taking anyone's call today. It's my day off...

I didn't argue much. I think only time will tell if my suspicions are just in my head or actually true. A few minutes later, the food makes its way to the table. Yayyy, I was starving!

Billy: I'm going to go wash my hands. 

And he walks away to the bathroom taking the mobile with him. After he came back, I couldn't help but be a bit too quite. I was really suspecting Nathalie being on the other end and it was so weird that he was keeping that from me. I couldn't wait to get home and call up Dina or Habiba to let them know.

Two hours later I finally arrived, made my way quickly to my room and locked the door. What should I do now? Seriously, curiosity was killing me! It's not the kind of curiosity you get when you just want to know your friend's secret, but rather the one filled with jealousy and suspicion. A feeling that truly sucks I have to tell you! So I pick up the phone and call Habiba, Dina and Mona. It's time for a joint call to let them know and it's time for them to give me some of their wisdom.

Me: Guys, I really don't know what to do. Should I just confront him and ask to see his mobile or ask him if he's talking to Nathalie behind my back?

Dina: No no, don't do that. He'll think you're trying to overstep his freedom and guys hate that.

Me: Okay, so there's got to be something I can do.

Habiba: How about some old stalking? His Facebook or you could just simply borrow his mobile phone.

Me: Hmmm! But I don't have his password...

Dina: Don't tell me you're actually thinking Habiba's suggestion through. That's not cool! I hate when people do that.

Habiba: Yeah, that's because you're always doing something wrong.

Dina: That too, but it's invasion of privacy. If there's no trust in a relationship then asta la vista, to hell with it.

Mona: I've got an idea. Maybe not the best ever, but could be helpful.

Me: Shoot!

Mona: Isn't Nathalie working with you now? Just keep an eye on her tomorrow. Try to see how she acts, how often she uses her mobile, try to let her talk to you as often as possible. I'm sure she's not smart enough and eventually a piece of information will slip.

And with that, I decided to give it more time and take Mona's advice. Habiba's recommendation wasn't going to get me anywhere, it would only cause more drama between me and Billy if he ever found out. So NO, I'm not going down that road.

The next day and as soon I step into the office I keep an eye out for Nathalie. Wait, I haven't told you that Amr was kidding and that she wasn't going to be my assistant after all. Apparently he thought it was a fun way to annoy me a bit, seeing how much he noticed that I dislike the girl. She was working closely with Youssef and Sahar though, which for me was a bit better than having her under my nose the whole day. I texted Youssef, as he's a person I really trust and now consider among my close friends.

Me: "Can you please let me know when you have a minute or two? I need to talk to you."

Two minutes later, Youssef makes it into my office.

Youssef: What's up? You okay?

Me: Yeah I am, but there's something really bothering me.

I told him the whole story about Nathalie and how I'm suspecting Billy to be talking to her behind my back.

Youssef: Consider it done!

Me: Consider what done?

Youssef: I'm gonna keep an eye on her today for you and if I get a chance to snoop, I'll do that as well. You know how much I love you, I wouldn't want to see you miserable because of that *****!

Me: You're amazing.

The day passed slower than usual, I'm waiting to hear back from Youssef but nothing yet. I'm waiting for Billy to give me a call, but nothing yet. We haven't spoke since yesterday after lunch. He usually calls me around four to five times a day, but I haven't heard from him. Weird, don't you think?

Finally, the clock ticks 6! I put my things together to head home. It's just one of those days where you shouldn't have gotten out of bed in first place. I still didn't hear anything from Youssef, so I assumed he was swamped with work and didn't get a chance to snoop a bit. Just as I was about to walk out of the office, I hear Youssef's voice calling my name. Thank God!

Me: So, tell me everything!

Youssef: Ok! So she's texting almost the whole day and she was over the phone for like four times today.

Me: That's it?

Youssef: Of course not! There's more. I asked her to borrow her mobile to make a call from it to my mother, as I forgot mine at home. She bought it and gave me her phone. I snooped around and she made two calls to Billy today, one lasted for ten minutes and the other for around twenty minutes or something like that. It didn't feel right to check her What's App or Facebook, but I'm sure I would find tons of things there. I'm sorry Luci!

I just stared at him for a second. So Billy doesn't call me the whole day but he talks to Nathalie? Is that how things go now? I really feel like hitting that *****! I stormed out of the office with anger and a strong feeling of betrayal. What should I do now? I really didn't feel like wanting to call any of my friends. I really felt down, but at the same time had no clue what to do next. Should I call Billy and confront him? No, I have too little evidence. Should I just act normal? Shit, too many thoughts going through my head now, I can't take it anymore.

I made it home, stormed into my bed room and thoughts kept on flowing in. My phone rang, I looked at it and turns out it's Billy. Should I answer or will my voice tell that there's something wrong? I decided to answer and just be fake.

Me: Hey babe!

Billy: Where have you been? I missed you!

Me: You did?

Billy: Of course I did.

Me: So why didn't you call me?

Billy: It was a very hectic day at work.

Me: Oh really?

Billy: Yeah, so sorry about that babe.

Me: No worries. What are your plans for today? Maybe we can do something in a while?

Billy: I'm not done with work yet, but let me finish up and give you a call.

Lovely! He's lying about not having time to call me, yet he has time for Nathalie. Way to go Billy, it's really good to know where your priorities are! Now what should I do? At that moment, it felt like Habiba's advice was the best. I had no clue how to log onto his Facebook. No wait! I do have the password. I remembered when he was on one of his Harley trips, he asked me to check something for him on his account. Now where the hell will I find that conversation? I searched here and there and finally found it on my personal email. But no, I'm betraying his trust. I can't do that. I remembered Dina's words as if she was there speaking to me: "If there's no trust in a relationship then asta la vista, to hell with it". Inner conflict is the worst. If I go on there and don't find anything, I'll be a bit more chilled at least. I'm sure I'm not going to find anything, so I'm just going on there to reassure myself.

I typed the username and the password, still a bit hesitant. "Logging in", it says. I directly go onto the messages. Ok so there's a conversation with Nathalie, in fact a very recent one. More second thoughts, should I even be in here? Maybe he'll tell me all about it. I click on the conversation and here's the most recent one.

Nathalie: Hey! I miss you.

Billy: Me too!

Nathalie: What's up today. I tried calling you.

Billy: Yeah, busy day at work.

Nathalie: Oh ok. Let's do something afterwards. When are you done?

Billy: I'll be done in a couple of hours. Where do you wanna go?

A stab, I feel a stab in my heart. No multiple stabs. I continue reading...

Nathalie: Let's discuss over the phone. Call me when you have a minute x

Billy: Sure will do :)

The previous conversations weren't any better and one of them confirmed the fact that she was the one calling while Billy and I were together the other day, as she wrote something like: "I tried to message you and call you, but you're not answering. Are we still on for tonight?"

This is just too much. I've never felt that angry. Never in my entire life have I felt that betrayed. And of all people Billy? No! He's my bestfriend how could he do that to me? How did this slut get to him. Seems like he didn't love me that much if she could get to him that easily. Now what Luci? I can't pretend like I have no clue. I seriously can't! I took a print  screen of the last part of the conversation and texted Billy saying: "I need to see you asap! Please come to my house now."

He replied: "But I'm still at work. Can I come in an hour from now? Is everything ok?"

Me: "No, please come now! This is far more important than "work"!!"

I started crying, I haven't cried in such a long while. Why the hell would he do something like that to me? I feel so betrayed. I've done nothing but good to him. 

Half an hour later, he texts me he's downstairs, I go down, don't even greet him and all I do is show him the print screen I took.

Billy: What the hell Luci? You've been onto my Facebook? How could you?

Me: I'll apologize about that later, but once you explain what the hell that is? You've been lying to me all this time. I can't believe you'd do that to me!!!

Billy: That's it, I can't do this anymore!

To be continued...

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