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10 Rules to Have a Happy Sexual Relationship

Fustany Team
5/28/20, 12:00 AM

Every married couple is after a happy sexual life! When you first get married, it's normal that you can't keep your hands off each other, but with time, you could find yourself struggling to keep the sex alive. You're not alone, many married couples find it hard to maintain a happy sexual relationship, specially after having kids! For that reason, we'll share with you 10 rules to have a happy sexual relationship.

1. Schedule sex dates!
Yes, you read that right. Married couples with busy schedules can sometimes forget to have sex or keep postponing it due to their hectic days. However, when you plan a sex date, you'll always be looking forward to it. Planned sex can surely help you have a happy sexual relationship with your husband, so don't think of it as a turnoff.

2. Have spontaneous sex.
We just told you that need to have planned sex to maintain a happy sexual relationship, but that surely doesn't mean to let go of spontaneous sex. Sometimes having spontaneous sex can be so pleasurable for a married couple, because it makes them remember their early marriage days! 

3. Update your lingerie wardrobe.
Lingerie can literally help you improve your sex life! Why? Well, just think of how sexy you feel when you're wearing lingerie and how it makes your husband aroused, hence a happier sexual relationship. Don't be afraid to try out new styles, and always wear something which makes you feel sensual and confident.

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4. Try out new things!

So what does this mean? When you've been together for a while, don't just go for your tried and tested sex positions. Spice up your sexual life, and try out something unexpected every now and then. Remember...experimenting with your husband results in a very healthy sexual relationship; it makes you more (erotically) comfortable around him and it keeps the spark alive.

5. Kiss; every single day.
Did you know that kissing is so important for your marriage? Yes, kissing often leads to making love, but that's not all. Kissing makes you become more intimate with your husband, because you kind of exchange emotions through it. Kissing also creates a special romantic bond, which makes you become more vulnerable. A kiss is so powerful, and that's why you should never skip a day without kissing your partner!

6. Have a bedtime routine.
Couple bedtime routines help you have a deeper connection with one another. We're not referring here to having sex every single night, but a bedtime routine can be as simple as keeping your phones away before sleeping and having an intimate pillow talk. Sometimes this would be your only chance for a proper alone time with your husband, so make use of it!

7. Communicate, always!
Communication is crucial in your sexual relationship; it's a key factor for mutual satisfaction. You should be able to tell your partner how you feel towards sex, what makes you orgasm, which sex position arouses you more, etc. To have a happy sexual relationship, you have to communicate your needs with your partner, in order to synchronize your climaxes and have mutual satisfactory intercourse. 

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8. Take initiatives.
Don't always wait for your man to make the first move! Initiating sex with your husband can be super sexy, and adds a lot of thrill in your relationship. Sweep him off his feet, and let him know that you want to have sex right at the moment. 

9. Start with foreplay.
Foreplay really matters! When you start your sexual intercourse with foreplay, you're sure that both of you are already peaking with excitement. Foreplay sets the mood and it can even be non-physical, for example, leaving a steamy text message to your husband before he comes home from work!

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10. Accept that sex changes.

One of the key factors to have a happy sexual relationship, is to know and (accept) that sex changes with time. The passion you used to have as honeymooners probably won't be the same when you have kids and get older. Sex may not be as often, and you do need to work to have pleasurable sex, however, embrace your closeness and always try to stay intimate in other ways.


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