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11 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Don't Last and What You Can Do About It

Omneya Hossam
7/18/19, 12:00 AM

Modern relationships are not easy. There is no doubt about that. Things are a lot different than ever and our lifestyles are drastically different than those before us. One of the things about modern relationships is that they don't last and they easily fall apart. There are so a lot of possible reasons why modern relationships fail, here are 11 that you might help you figure things out:

1. They Are Less Private 

Relationships are now a lot less private than ever. Couples tend to share details about their lives that should be kept private, even from their friends and family. People usually ruin things by judging them and that’s why privacy is a relationship saver.

2. People don’t know themselves enough

Every person is unique and different. To be happy in a relationship, you have to invest time, understanding yourself and finding out what you love and what you don’t love. The more you find out about yourself the less wrong decisions you will make.

3. Couple Goals are ruining relationship goals

Nowadays many couples tend to get in relationships to gain social status and show that off on social media platforms. So basically happiness is measured by how much they seem happy together on Instagram and that is a horrible reason to want to have a relationship!

4. The technology between you

So many tablets and smartphones between the two of you. All this time you are spending online, you could instead invest in connecting, actually talking, and going places together.         

5. Couples stopped asking each other how was your day!

This question is the core of any good relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman you want someone who learns about the details of your day, even the smallest details and discuss them with you. This is called attention and it is what everyone seeks in a relationship in one way or another.

6. The invisible distance

 If your partner is not the first person you talk to about most things that concern you then there is a distance that you should kill. You could be living in the same house, but very far apart. To kill this distance you should work hard to communicate and be part of each other daily life and talk about everything on your minds with no judgment what so ever.

7. Not enough personal space

Sometimes the problem might be that you aren’t giving each other personal space and that is a relationship killer. Everyone needs personal space and need some alone time every once in a while.

8. Not enough intimacy

Your relationship could be defined by the level of intimacy you share. If there isn’t enough intimacy the relationship won’t be emotionally satisfying for both of you. These needs work from both of you and it needs building a strong emotional and mental connection between you both.

9. Not enough appreciation

Modern relationships lack appreciation. This can make anyone lose their interest and passion that they had for the other person.

10. High expectations

This one is the reason why so many relationships fail before they even begin. High expectations that come from fairy tales. I say ditch expectations and focus on the experience itself. The best thing about life is that you never know what happens next and relationships should not be an exception to that.

11. Fear of failure

Although working hard to make your relationship work is important but you shouldn’t be scared that it won’t. Obsessing over this can make the whole thing blow up in your face. So work hard but not with stress, instead let passion and love show you the way.

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