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8 Anti-Romantic Valentine's Day Activities to Do with Your Partner

Fustany Team
2/12/20, 12:00 AM

A lot of people love to hate on Valentine's Day, it has taken a mainstream image that has people running away from roses, chocolate, teddy bears, anything red and now it's even gotten couples running away from romance. On Valentine's Day, instead of love being in the air, modern couples choose to stay away from dates and skip the romance as a form of objection to the celebration. 

So we heard your prayers and we're giving you anti-romantic Valentine's Day ideas that are the anti-sexy, hilarious ways you can spend it with your partner:

1. Laser Tag/Paintball

Wrestling with your partner can be a bit sexy, however, playing laser tag or paintball or any form of anger inducing, competitive behavior is very non romantic. Get on each other's nerves and have a memory to blackmail each other with for the rest of your lives. "Remember when I beat you 4 times in a row and you almost cried. Ha Ha Ha." 

2. Cleaning Day

I think we can all agree there is nothing sexy about cleaning. Every couple tries to avoid the organization cleaning day for as long as possible, but it has to happen. So why not make it on Valentine's Day. Get your tools out, an ugly t-shirt, bandana, roll up your pants and prepare for the most unflattering, quirky dance moves, make a day out of it. 

3. Hike

Even though movies present being sweaty as a sexy thing...let's be honest in reality it's not always. Going on a hike can be very cute and a beautiful memory to have together, but sweating, struggling from exhaustion and fighting off insects isn't at all. Funny? Yes. Romantic? Not so much...Enjoy! 

4. Escape Room 

With no intention what so ever to generalize, I must say that a lot of couples disagree on how to approach things and solve problems. So try going to an escape room game where you get to solve mysteries and crack codes together. It's really fun and can build your communication and team work skills, but will make you feel a little more like best friends, not so much a couple (which is actually a pretty awesome thing from time to time).

5. Go Visit the In-Laws

Yes, this visit is very much a bitter sweet thing, depending on your relationships with your in-laws. However, what can never change about it, is that in any case it's far from romantic and far from what people usually do on Valentine's Day. 

6. Stay In and watch a murder Docuseries on Netflix

Reality and the ugly truth about the world is something that will have you running to bed and not in a good way... Tip: watch 'Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes'

7. Cliché Romcom Movie Night with Friends

Watching a cliché romcom alone can be emotional and a box of tissues is essential. However, watching it with a lot of friends can be hilarious. Everyone gets to discuss and laugh over how unrealistic the representation of love and relationships can be in movies. 

8. Mock Gifts

Skip the flowers, chocolate and the sentiments and buy each other a funny, mock gift. Something you know they actually wouldn't want or something that would annoy them and have them chasing after you. For example: Buying them chocolate, but in a flavor they hate. So you can eat it and watch them look at you in fury. Too far? 

*Disclaimer: We are not promoting finding a way to fight with your partner or excluding romance from your life, we're just giving our Valentine's haters what they need for their dreaded day. 

Main Image Credits: JoBlo from the movie The Break-Up



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