Music accompanies us everywhere and songs are a universal language of happiness, love, success, travel, separation, sadness, and grief. Our favorite songs follow us wherever we go, on our way to work, at home, when we're traveling, and even at the gas station. That's why we wanted to launch our latest series, Fustany's Playlist...

Romantic love songs are beautiful and for many a way to express love, whether towards a partner or ourselves. Valentine's Day is always a good reminder to show and celebrate love more. And so leading up to this Valentine's day we thought we'd help you celebrate with a Valentine's Day playlist and a couple of love songs for valentine's day, so you can add a romantic touch to whichever way you're celebrating this year.

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Check out these 15 best love songs for Valentine's Day we chose for you...

Fustany's 'Best Valentine's Day Songs' Playlist on Anghami

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While you give these a listen, let's talk a little bit about some of these songs...


My Funny Valentine is a classic and whether you like jazz or not, you will fall in love with Sinatra's voice and charm. The music will just take you somewhere else.


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One of Elissa's iconic songs and it's still special until this day. Elissa's amazing velvety voice is perfect for romance.


Who can forget about The Lion King's soundtrack? Especially this beauty. It brings back nostalgia, warmth and is really really romantic!


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Possibly one of the greatest songs of all time is the language of love itself. It will fill you up with an instant feel of romance, love and serenity. Also, we all know Edith Paif's voice always comes with goosebumps. 

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